Megan Forman


During DSB May 20, the Humanitarian Club will be hosting Donald Brooks, co-founder of Initiative: EAU a non-governmental organization working to address water disparities in Africa.

Brooks and fellow co-founder Christina Long learned of this crisis in high school during a school presentation. Affected by what they heard, the pair decided to get involved.

In 2013, they officially started the organization which is currently based out of Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in Western Africa.

During the presentation, students will have an opportunity to hear firsthand the humanitarian and scientific aspects of the initiative.

The presentation is open to all students. Following Brooks’ speech there will be time for students to ask questions.

Junior Aine Powers, co-president of the Humanitarian Club, is a digital intern for Initiative: EAU. She has been involved with the organization for the past year and planned Brooks’ visit to the school with the Humanitarian Club.

“Initiative: EAU is such a great organization. I’m looking forward to Brooks being able to connect with HHS students,” said Powers.





image credit: Initiative: EAU


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