Alisa Grishechkina

Special Correspondent

This spring, the class of 2022 will be hosting a karaoke-based fundraiser at the high school May 9, which will include performances by several HHS teachers.

The event is meant to raise money for class functions such as semiformals and prom.

“The main concept of the fundraiser is to have a karaoke performance from the faculty where we would allow students to bid and put money that would be donated towards the class,” said Mr. Alexander Strum, English teacher and freshman class advisor. “We would have jars for every single teacher, and students would be able to come up and put their money  into the jar.”

The students attending would be able to bid on different teachers, and if their bid was selected, they would then be able to choose the song the teacher would have to sing. According to Maxwell Payne, class of 2022 president, the teachers participating include Mr. Evrard, Mr. Levasseur, Ms. Carig-O’Neill, Ms. Finnegan, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Chestna, Mr. Calais, Mr. Levesque, and Mr. Rooney, but the list has not been finalized yet.

At first, the freshman class had been planning a different fundraiser, according to both Payne and freshman Cara Chipman, class of 2022 treasurer.

“Originally, we wanted to do a dodgeball tournament that we thought a lot of people would go to, but the people in the grade above us already took that idea,” said Chipman.

“Part of what we liked about the idea [of karaoke] was that we hadn’t seen anything like this here; it was something unique,” said Mr. Strum.

The class officers also proposed some future fundraiser ideas including a sports event, a bake sale, a nighttime manhunt and a potential repeat of this fundraiser.

Mr. Strum, Payne, and Chipman said that they hoped to raise around $1,000 from the fundraiser.

Besides the bidding, “there’s also other little things, like selling refreshments, some sort of ticket to get in,” said Mr. Strum.

The money will be used for semi tickets and other necessities for the event, such as decorations and the DJ, as well as any school spirit rallies and similar events, according to Chipman.

The class officers said they had a plan to make sure that the class of 2022 would be able to pay for future semi-formals, prom, and more. Mr. Strum also said that each officer had a role in the fundraiser.

“Max Payne, he’s in charge of recruiting the talent, if you will, getting the teachers to commit to it. Brian [Sahagian], the vice president,  is working on logistics on where we would do it, how it would get set up…Jenna [Canal], once we have all the details, would be responsible for kind of publicizing it,” said Mr. Strum.

“Since I’m the treasurer, I take care of how much we spend, what we’re going to spend it on, what’s profitable, and how it benefits us,” Chipman said.

Mr. Strum said he has enjoyed working with the class of 2022 so far, adding that “the officers are all enthusiastic, and they brought a lot of good ideas to the table.”

“I’m optimistic that [the fundraiser] will come together nicely,” said Mr. Strum.




picture credit: http://clipart-library.com


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