Madison Lamacchia

Staff Writer

Ten female students from Holliston High School were selected to attend the Empowering Girls 2018 conference in Lexington, MA on Thursday, November 29, 2018. The event’s purpose was to inspire and encourage young women to follow their dreams.

The event showcased four influential women who spoke about their experiences as well as a few hands-on activities.

Four women shared their stories- Chelsi McDonald, Radha Natarajan, Jodi Rosenbaum, and

Marian T. Ryan.

One of the four that really stood out to girls who attended was Chelsi McDonald, a Channel 7 sports reporter. In a field where women are often not seen as equal to men, McDonald has used her reporting expertise to inspire women to leave their comfort zone. In her speech “Believing and Achieving,” McDonald spoke on not giving up, her experience in sports reporting, and the sacrifices she made to become successful.

Sophomore Anna Curran, who attended the conference along with other HHS students, was moved by the speakers and their empowering messages.

“I will always remember to stay on my own mindset and not let anyone’s opinions stop me,” said Curran.

Empowering Girls 2018 leaders used group work to spark conversations among the students and teachers in attendance.

“My favorite part was hearing different inspirational stories from all of the speakers and meeting new people in our small groups,” said Curran.

Among the Core Values, Beliefs, and 21st Century Expectations listed on the  Holliston High School Website is the intent to expose students to a variety of intellectual and cultural experiences.

Empowering Girls 2018 was a step towards learning outside of the classroom in order to provide students with lifelong knowledge and awareness.


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