Madison Lamacchia

Staff Writer

The Holliston High School varsity volleyball team made the playoffs for the first time in eight years and advanced to the second round.


The team worked hard throughout the season to make major improvements, leading to their success.


“Something just clicked this year. There was more consistency, more drive, and the offense improved,” said senior captain Anna Koeva.


Senior Brooke Geoffroy (center) celebrates a play

One new asset to the team was freshman Colette Salem, a player considered a great new addition by Koeva and sophomore starter Sophia Loricco.


“You could always count on her to be smart with the ball,” Koeva said.


The team was led by Anneliese Harrison who is in her third season as the head coach.


“She believed in us from the start of the season and always made the right calls,” said Koeva.


Along with a strong leader, the team was supported at each game by a larger student fan section than in previous years.


“The fan section was a lot better this year, and I feel like the students around us believed in our team more,” said Koeva.


The previous record held by the team – made last year – was 5-12. This year, however, the record was 12-6, Koeva said.


The team secured two important wins against Medfield, a team that holds two state championships, and Hopkinton, who beat them 25-0 in a set last year.


The team comes in for a huddle

“This year we beat them [Hopkinton] 25-23,” said Koeva.


Graduating eight seniors, the team is confident in their underclassmen to produce another winning record next season.



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