Megan Gentile


On Friday, September 21st, Holliston High School held its annual Homecoming game and dance. This year’s event saw changes to its traditions in order to focus on inclusivity.

The Class of 2019 made the decision to change the homecoming court and superlative voting to no longer be based on gender. With this new style of voting, the two people in the senior class that received the most votes, regardless of their gender, could win a category.

Senior Class Secretary Margaret Young said in an email interview that the class officers changed the voting to “be more inclusive of everyone.”

In past years one boy and one girl won each of the superlatives and the homecoming court consisted of an equal number of boys and girls.

This year’s homecoming court which was announced during halftime of the football game was made up of seven girls and three boys. The court included Abha Athawale, Treasurer Madeline Cerulli, Griffin Delin, Vice President Scott Elliott, President William Flanagan, Grace Inman, Erin Kipp, Elisabeth Maki, Lauren Salley, and Young.

Young, Cerulli, Elliott, and Flanagan also changed, added, and took away some superlatives from previous years to be more inclusive.

“We really tried hard to get more people to win superlatives and ended up with a big variety of people so it was less [about] popularity and more [about] celebrating the people in our class,” said Young.

Young said that although some people liked the old way of voting, the class mostly received positive feedback.

Senior Grace Longee said she was surprised about the switch but thought it was “cool” to look at the grade as a whole and that gender “didn’t matter, we were all just people.”

Longee also liked this year’s theme which was glow in the dark/neon.

Young said, “we [class officers] put out a list of themes to our class Facebook page and people got to vote on the theme they liked best.”

Longee preferred the theme to previous years’ as more people got involved.

“I really liked it this year. It was really fun with the black lights and how everyone could make their own outfit. I liked so many different outfits that I would’ve never thought of,” said Longee.


Most Athletic: Jonny Paecht and Lauren Salley

Class Flirt: Gabriella Ramirez-Brodeur and Nick Diluzio

Most Spirit: Danielle Kiley and Sean Jewett

Most Likely to Return to Holliston: Danielle Kiley and Louis Barrett

Common Denominator: Will Flanagan and Anna Koeva

Most Huggable: Eliza Altobelli and Katherine Guccione

Most Likely to Win Survivor: Anna Siegel and Logan Brooks

Most Likely to Never Return to Holliston: Eva Porter and Kianna Bauer

Most Likely to be Famous: Scott Elliott and Alyssa Winn

Class Couple: Anna Koeva and Kelton Truscott

Worst Driver: Alexandra Panaggio and Lauren Salley

Best Hair: Sarah Winiker and Scott Elliott

Best to Bring Home: Madeline Cerulli and Christopher DeMarkey

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize: Hannah Magoon and Harsh Choudhary

Best Glow Up: Emerson Detering and Yavar Mehdipor

Most Optimistic: Christopher DeMarkey and Chloe Sweet

Class Thespian: Katherine North and Julia Giusti-Kizik

Best Smile: Kylie Warren and Joseph Whalen

Class Artist: Eva Porter and Joshua Cohen

Most Fun to be Around: Anthony Dzindolet and Eliza Altobelli

Most Mischievous: Francisco Dias and George Morant

Class Wanderer: Melanie Colman and Francisco Dias

Most Likely to Change the World: Madeline Cerulli and Harsh Choudhary

Best Eyes: Griffin Delin and Sarah Winiker

Two Peas in a Pod: Yavar Mehdipor and Griffin Delin

Class Musician: Anna Damigella and Katherine Guccione

Best Dressed: Grace Inman and William Flanagan


Homecoming Court:

Abha Athawale

Madeline Cerulli

Griffin Delin

Scott Elliott

William Flanagan

Grace Inman

Erin Kipp

Elisabeth Maki

Lauren Salley

Margaret Young


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