Elise Andelman

Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 20th, the senior class performed their annual senior showcase. Directed by seniors Laura Cunningham and Katie Murphy and emceed by seniors Larsen Berg, Morgan Depril, and Matt O’Connell, the class of 2018 performed for their community.

Everyone has their own motivation for participating in Senior Showcase. For many, the first time they get to participate in the annual event marks the end of their high school experience.

It is “an end of an era performance. To participate is like being part of the class in a memorable way,” said senior Sage Grant.

“It’s kind of a tradition, and it was amazing to be part of that. I’ve seen all these classes of seniors go up and do this and now I’m one of them, so it feels kind of surreal, ” said senior Lizzy Vallantini.

The show was a hit amongst the seniors, who gave several standing ovations throughout the event.

“That night was so much fun, and I was so happy to be a part of my class,” said senior Flannery Langton

After an opening song performed by Jake Curto, Tyler McGee, and Nikko Perone and an introduction by the emcees, about sixty seniors performed a group dance choreographed by seniors Michaela Michielli and Savannah Foley.

Ms. Courtney Bottomley, faculty advisor, says the dance is one of the main differences between each class.

“The group was smaller, the length of the number was smaller, but it was no less wonderful and no less well rehearsed, but that’s always the one that’s interesting to see is how that senior dance changes depending on the choreographers,” Ms. Bottomley said.

The seniors performed a variety of acts, ranging from the comedic “Mr. Holliston” pageant to a variety of musical performances.

Flannery Langton and Sage Grant performed a comedic skit called “Alternative Superlatives.”

“We have a good dynamic that people have said they like,” remarked Langton.

As for performing, comedic acts felt that having audience response brought the act to a new level.

“Performing in front of a crowd was really fun — getting feedback from the crowd, you know, you tell a joke and then you know it’s funny,” said Langton.

Some musical performers felt it was a nice goodbye after four years in the music program, and others enjoyed getting to show their classmates their talents.

“Most people don’t even know I’m in the senior class, and on top of that they don’t know I’m into music, so it [seeing Kennedy onstage] is really surprising,” commented senior Sarah Kennedy.

Kennedy and Vallantini performed a duet of “Lucky” by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat.

“That’s kind of our thing. We’re both in Harmonix. I’ve been doing it since Freshman year and [Kennedy] since Sophomore year,” said Vallantini.

Ms. Bottomley looked for certain qualities in her student directors, Laura Cunningham and Katie Murphy.

“The biggest quality is drive and organizational skills, as strange as that sounds; but because it’s such a short time frame, I really need people that have the drive for the project and also can be good time management people, ” said Ms. Bottomley.

In the end, Senior Showcase is one of the last moments the class of 2018 will experience together before they leave HHS.

“It’s… a good beginning of the end; things really start to ramp up after showcase as far as all those end of the year activities for seniors, so I think it’s something that people don’t really think about too much until they’re in it, and then it becomes something that’s much more exciting,” said Ms. Bottomley.

Langton and Grant encourage everyone to participate.

“No matter what you do, people will love it,” said Langton.

Overall, senior showcase has its own unique meaning to each person who steps onstage.

“People should participate in senior showcase. It’s a last huzzah, something to be remembered,” said Grant.



photo: https://goo.gl/zXZmDf


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