Megan Forman


Wellness teacher Ms. Amy Kuphal’s sophomore advisory is taking initiative to spread positivity throughout Holliston High School by creating a community service project based on performing positive acts around the school.

The project aims to illustrate the impact positivity has on students and create a more inclusive and supportive school climate.

“We want to make it so people realize the impact spreading positivity has on people. It’s not just ‘oh I like your shirt’ but something you put thought into,” said sophomore Ashley Rivas.

Each month, the advisory will choose an initiative that determines what the students do. They began in November, where they decided upon performing random acts of kindness.

In performing random acts of kindness and spreading positivity, the advisory aimed to honor Devin Suau.

Devin Suau, a young boy from Framingham, was diagnosed with an incurable pediatric brain cancer known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) in early 2017. His family started the hashtag “ #WhyNotDevin” in attempts to raise money for his condition. Devin passed away on October 20 and the hashtag continues today to raise awareness for DIPG, according to CBS Boston.

After completing an act of kindness, the students participating handed out a card to the recipient of the act reading “you have received an act of kindness in memory of Devin Suau. Please perform one act of kindness and pass this card along. Tweet or Facebook your experience of both receiving and performing an act of kindness using #WhynotDevin and #SpreadingPositvityHHS so that we can see just how far we can spread the kindness movement!”

The cards have a border of green hearts as green was the color of Devin’s favorite superhero, the Green Lantern.

The advisory, consisting of sophomores Ryan Burchard, Kevin Coughlin,  Nico Doyle, Brendon Geary, Morgan Holmes, Sean Keast, Kelsey Logan, Laura Ogilvie and Ashley Rivas decided spreading positivity was their overall objective and once they had discovered Devin’s story, “Ms. Kuphal reached out to his [Devin’s] mom and then we started the cards,” said Rivas.

Following the random acts of kindness in November, the group hopes to create new projects that send the same message of positivity.

“There were so many different project ideas that we could possibly do but this one seemed manageable. One of the things that you could potentially [do for our November initiative was] buy someone behind you a cup of coffee…a small thing that makes a big impact so I think we’re looking at that theme to carry through,” said Ms. Kuphal.

Ms. Kuphal’s goal for the project is to “get a lot of people thinking about how we can do small, simple things that can make someone’s day.”

Not only do the random acts of kindness impact the recipient, but they also impact the performer of the act.

“It’s supposed to make you feel good, not just the person you’re doing it to but like it just makes you feel good about yourself as well,” said Rivas.


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