Megan Gentile


On October 6, 2017 Holliston High School held its annual Homecoming. Consisting of a football game followed by a dance, the night marked the beginning of the Class of 2018’s senior year, and the freshmen’s first high school event.

The night opened with a rocky start. The football game began 45 minutes later than its stated kick-off time due to earlier events on the turf field. This didn’t stop the Red Sea from showing up in full force, decked out in all black to support the team.

The Panthers started off on a rough note, and were never able to fully recover. Medfield started out strong, leading the Panthers 13-0 at the half.

Right before halftime, the Panthers were able to get on the board, scoring a touchdown to trail the Warriors 13-6.

During halftime, the Class of 2018 Homecoming Court was announced and presented at center field. This year’s court consisted of Ryan Benco, Tyler Dunn, Bridget Lombardi, Chloe Londoñyo Ayr, Emily McConnell, Matthew O’Connell, Juliette Plante, Abby Rae Wells, and Ben Thomas.

Beginning the fourth quarter the Panthers had a chance to take the lead, catching up 13-12, with a touchdown pass from senior quarterback Ryan Benco to senior Mikey Nash, but the Panthers were unable to finish victorious, with a final score Medfield 28, Holliston 12.

Following the game was the Homecoming dance. Although the dance began at 6:30, the majority of students didn’t arrive until 9:00pm, towards the end of the game.

Everyone was decked out in this year’s theme, sports jerseys, and hit the dance floor and had a great time. The loss of the football team, didn’t seem to damper the mood as many of the players arrived later in the dance.

At around 9:45, students gathered together, upperclassmen in the front, and underclassmen in the back to reveal the winners of this years Superlatives.

Following Superlatives, students danced until 10:15 enjoying their friends, and celebrating high school.



Loudest: Alex Kelley and Grace Dzindolet

Funniest: Larsen Berg and Isabel Abdallah
Cutest: Kevin Quinn and Chloe Londoñyo Ayr

Worst Driver: Louis Rossi, Nicole Slade, and Devin Dunn

Most Optimistic: Jake Armstrong, Ryan Freeley, and Chloe Londoñyo Ayr

Best Hair: Peter Gow and Kami Kozubal

Two Peas In a Pod (Girls): Kaleigh Powers and Tess Powers

Class Thespian: Larsen Berg and Amanda Willis

Class Bromance (Girls): Juliette Plante and Isabel Abdallah

Best Looking: Ryan Benco and Abby Rae Wells

Most Likely To Never Return: Cam Rockett, Connor Hennessy, and Kassandra Cousseilant

Two Peas in a Pod (Boys): Ryan Freeley and Eamon Powers

Unsung Hero: Kris Brown and Cayla Olson

Best Dressed: Cam Rockett and Kami Kozubal

Best Eyes: Will Hein and Maddie Sahagian

Class Artists: Tyler Dunn and Juliette Plante

Best Combo: Alex Kelley, Grace Dzindolet, and Emily McConnell

Most Outgoing: Alex Kelley and Grace Dzindolet

Most Likely to Be Famous: Larsen Berg and Amanda Willis

Best to Bring Home: Kevin Quinn and Emily McConnell

Most Spirited: Matt Dewar and Chloe Londoñyo Ayr

Sassiest: Tyler Dunn and Kassandra Couseillant

Best Laugh: Louis Rossi and Cayla Olson

Class Musician: Eamon Powers and Heather Banak

Most Athletic: Ben Thomas and Grace Dzindolet

Class Couple: Amanda Lyons and Grace Dzindolet

Most Likely to Change the World: Jeffrey Myers and Michaela Campbell

Class Wanderer: Joe Gioffree and Abby McAuliffe

Best Smile: Jackson Clyde and Emily McConnell

Common Denominator: Alex Kelley and Gabby Cummins

Bromance (Boys): Morgan Depril and Dylan Kasarjin

Most Huggable: Nick LeBlanc and Chloe Londoñyo Ayr

Class Clown: Larsen Berg and Isabel Abdallah

Class Flirt: Jack Larche and Caroline Ward

Friendliest: Emile Exhilomme, Emily McConnell, and Chloe Londoñyo Ayr

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bernstein and Mrs. Khune

Most Likely To Return: Jack Larche and Emily Rutowicz

Homecoming King and Queen: Kevin Quinn and Emily McConnell

Homecoming Court:

Ryan Benco

Tyler Dunn

Bridget Lombardi

Chloe Londoñyo Ayr

Emily McConnell

Matthew O’Connell

Juliette Plante

Kevin Quinn

Abby Rae Wells

Ben Thomas


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