Megan Forman

Editor in Chief

Between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, most teenagers are trying to make it through high school. This is not the case for 16-year-old Kavah, 15-year-old Kye, and 14-year-old Khaden Harris who have made a name for themselves climbing their way into the music industry lyric by lyric.

The brothers, originally from Chicago created the band Saving Forever, getting the idea from their dad after showing an interest and love for music from a young age.

“We started in an apartment and that’s when we were just introduced to guitar and rock music. We just took off from there. It was really to keep us away from getting involved in the streets because we lived in a bad area at the time,” said Kye Harris in an interview with Young Hollywood.

The band has a wide range of musical influences, including Fall Out Boy, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and Bruno Mars, according to their interview with AwesomenessTV.

The name “Saving Forever” is inspired by their love for artists like Prince and Michael Jackson.

Kye Harris explained when the brothers were featured as Elvis Duran’s Artist of the Month on the Today Show, “it means we want to save our music forever. We want our music to be everlasting,”

“Like how you listen to Michael Jackson,” added Kavah Harris.

The trio released their debut single “Twenty 1” on July 7th of this year. The song, especially the chorus, is closely based on Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman.” Most of the lyrics are their own, but the tune is very recognizable.

Saving Forever signed with Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment this year and released “Twenty 1” with the company. On August 11th, the brothers released their second single, “Million Ways,” which contrary to “Twenty 1,” is not based off of a song by another artist.

“Million Ways” is a pop rock song that features a strong bass line throughout. The bass part, played by Kye, melds well with the other guitars while the vocals are spot on. The upbeat song makes the listener just want to get up and dance.

The song’s music video is set in a karaoke bar where you see different people performing and the brothers trying to decide if they want to sing. When they do step on stage, their music causes everyone to start dancing, including an elderly couple that was sitting in a booth.

While the music video has all positive vibes, the meaning of the song could be considered less so.

“It’s about a girl who’s been through some stuff. She’s clearly not in the mood for love, she’s clearly gone through some ups and downs in the relationship that she’s been in, she might be in one now, and you’re just like ‘yo, I’m not that guy.’ You’re like, ‘…I got a million ways I can solve your problem,’” said Kye Harris.

Saving Forever was featured on ABC and NBC in August. RadioDisney and NickMusic have also recognized the band.

In only two and a half months since their first release, the trio has already established a foothold in the music industry as a set of brothers with talent. The future looks promising for the band as they continue to be discovered.


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