Connor Hennessy

Special Correspondent


When fall rolls around at Holliston High School, you can find the volleyball team practicing hard in the gymnasium. What you won’t find, however, are any boys in the mix of it. While not technically a “female” sport, the overwhelming majority of the Tri Valley League volleyball teams are made up of girls, discouraging boys from pursuing their passion in the sport at the high school level.


Now, boys with interest in volleyball may not have to wait much longer. A group of eighth graders at Robert Adams Middle School have started a boy’s volleyball club, with plans to carry it on to HHS next year as an official sport. While girl’s volleyball is played in the fall, boy’s volleyball would be a spring sport.


One of the leaders of this initiative is eighth grader Sasha Brown.


When asked what compelled him to start the club, Brown said, “we [club members] all had a interest in it and as far as we knew, there were no teams made, so we made our own.” Brown also said that currently, there are eight boys signed up for the club, which is more than enough for a full team at the high school level.


When asked why he thinks there isn’t currently a boys volleyball team, Brown said, “I think it’s just because there are preconceived ideas that volleyball is traditionally a girl’s sport, and that there isn’t enough demand from boys.”


When Brown first started the club, he didn’t have intentions to taking it to the high school, he just did it for fun, and as another way to pass time with his friends. However, now that he and his friends are seriously considering bringing it to the next level, questions have arisen regarding the possibility and process of it becoming a high school sport.


A less complicated way of getting a sport approved at the high school level is by starting a co-op team.


“If you have interest in a sport and you don’t have enough to field your own team the MIAA encourages schools to get together to create a co-op,” said HHS Athletic Director Mr. Matthew Baker, as reported by Megan Gentile in  HHS’ “TheVision.”


“It needs to be done with a season’s notice, so for a fall [sport] you’d have that confirmed during the spring season … it happens relatively quickly. The schools come together when there is a need for it and then  it’s brought to the Tri Valley League directors and then that group decides to support it. I would think in every case it’d be supported; then there’s a committee at the MIAA that approves them as well,” said Mr. Baker, as reported by Gentile.


With initiative being taken from students at the middle school, and the high potential for the team to be approved, it is very likely that HHS will be seeing a boy’s volleyball team in the near future.


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