Dan Kantorovich

Special Correspondent

Prom is not a one night event.

The two months leading up to it is full of stress, anxiety, and, most importantly, excitement.

It goes a little something like this:

Pick a tux. Get a bow tie. Wait for prom. Go to prom.

It might seem simple, but there’s more difficulty than meets the eye.

As March rolls around the corner, the drama begins.

Not much of the next stage of prom is known to the guys. It’s the stage that starts with the prom group: a closed Facebook page filled with upperclassmen and a few underclassmen girls. It’s the birthplace of issues. All it takes is one brave girl to be the first to post her dress and the group quickly fills with people uploading and claiming dresses.

For some reason it is absolutely VITAL that no one has the same dress. Almost every year however, someone crosses that line and buys the same one in a different color, or worst case scenario, a definite duplicate.

Meanwhile, the boys are stirring.

Conversations become saturated with talk about who to ask. Those who are in a relationship are ahead of the game, but others without a given prom date begin searching.

There are mainly three types of people that one can take to prom: a friend, an interest, or a stranger. Taking a person of interest is seen by many as the main goal of prom, but taking a friend can be just as fun. Many students simply use prom as an opportunity to take a close friend and just spend quality time with them.

Taking a stranger can be just as rewarding. Discussing details about prom and other pre-prom activities bonds students that do not normally interact.

Soon after picking a date, the focus is briefly shifted on the guys, and promposing is in full effect.

A simple handful of flowers and a cute poster is the classic route, but for some it’s not enough. Elaborate promposals are born, involving outrageous acts, lots of planning, and perhaps a romantic twist.

One promposal that comes to mind involves a group of guys with P-R-O-M spelled out across their five shirtless bodies, the fifth yielding a large question mark across the chest and roses in hand.

Some say it’s unnecessary, but there is one thing everyone knows for sure: not one person can say no to that. The more planned, outrageous, public, and thoughtful the promposal is, the more likely it is the girl will say yes.

On the other end of the spectrum is a more subtle approach. No flowers, no signs, no bare skin– just a simple yes or no question. It’s not a crowd favorite, but it gets the job done.

If you think finding a dress is difficult, picking a tux is just as stressful. The guys have quite a few options: black, slightly less black, and white. Fights usually don’t break out if someone wears the same tux. Not much decision is needed in picking the vests and bow ties, as they have to match the color of the date’s dress.

Even though renting a tux is much less of a hassle than buying a dress, it’s still a huge inconvenience. It’s especially annoying if a guy is attending more than one prom. Re-renting is a hassle and seems like a waste of money since you pay double for an extended day. In some cases, buying a tuxedo is the smarter play. As long as the tags stay on, the tuxedo can be returned. It might be a prickly night, but it’s worth saving money from being thrown away.

One responsibility a guy faces is paying for his date, a gesture of appreciation of how hard his date tried for him. Luckily for seniors at HHS, tickets are only ten dollars. Even so, there still will be plenty of guys not willing to buy their date’s ticket.

While the girls are getting their hair, makeup, and nail appointments, the boys are busy with their own preparation needs. A round of golf sets the tone for a good day, and many guys have it as part of their pre prom routine.

Dressing up takes maybe ten minutes. Once dressed, There’s not much to do. While pictures are in progress, the guys stand around waiting for instruction from the gals. For some, pictures are the first time they make physical contact with their dates. It sets the tone to how comfortable and intimate the night will be.

Prom itself is nothing special.

You dance, you eat, you socialize no differently than if it was a semi formal. What makes prom prom is the 2 months that lead up to it.

Those months are filled with excitement, drama, and desire that create a new atmosphere in and around the school. It creates things to do and talk about. It’s not just about the single night.

There’s no doubt that guys are less involved in the process and girls put forth more effort and money. Although the two sides face different pre prom experiences, the end result is the same.
No matter how the event goes, there are plenty of memories, photos, and new relationships to go around.


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