Riley Clyde
Special Correspondent

People all over the world volunteer on a daily basis, and it is rare for volunteers to be recognized and celebrated for their efforts; one student created a project to do just that.

Holliston High School sophomore Aidan Krantz has always been aware of the people in her community.

“Growing up in Holliston, seeing the sports coaches, the adults that run kid’s activities, dedicated food pantry and senior center volunteers, and… Holliston community members in general has inspired me to volunteer and appreciate those people,” said Krantz.

Krantz created ‘Give Back to Givers,’ a nonprofit organization, in the beginning of December. By the end of this month, the nonprofit will become a 501(c) charity. Krantz said she’s excited to become “…an official charity.”

The purpose of ‘Give Back to Givers’ is to promote volunteerism in the community of Holliston and to celebrate volunteerism through acts of appreciation.

The organization has already completed several projects to thank the volunteers and promote more volunteering projects. Krantz recently went to Mr. Aaron Snyder’s and Mrs. Kerry Perpall’s second and fifth grade classrooms to work on valentine’s with the students to thank the volunteer fire department.

Mr. Snyder is thankful for the project Krantz set up with his class.

“I was very appreciative of the fact that Aidan took the time to explain the idea of thinking of others and giving back to others [to the students]. I feel it helped my class gain a better appreciation of how important firefighters and those who volunteer are, as well as not forgetting to think about others before yourself,” said Mr. Snyder.

‘Give Back to Givers’ has done several other projects, like meeting with a local Girl Scout Brownie Troop to decorate cards to thank some of the Holliston Food Pantry volunteers. On January 28th, the organization hosted a bake sale to cover costs for supplies.

Krantz is thankful for the outpouring of support from all people in the community, as “So many people have helped out…” Volunteers do everything from “baking for the bake sale” and “[writing] holiday cards…” she said.

Krantz feels the biggest impact she has made is being able to thank volunteers in person. On the nonprofit’s website there is a subpage called ‘Volunteer of the Month’ where each month the non-profit recognizes someone who has stepped up in the community and donated their time to a cause. The two first volunteers of the month were Winnie Staples and Marilynn Douglass, volunteers at the Holliston Food Pantry.

“I think [the volunteers] felt very appreciated. It was so nice to meet them, and they were definitely very excited to be a part of the whole thing and to be honored,” said Krantz.

As for the future, Krantz wants to continue to influence the Holliston community by encouraging volunteerism, especially in children.

“The main thing about this organization is that a lot of activities involve kids, so my main long term idea is that these kids will see how much these volunteers are appreciated and really learn to appreciate the volunteers [themselves], so that when they get older…they will want to volunteer… and make the town work better,” said Krantz.

Mr. Snyder believes it is essential for students to learn about volunteering at a young age.
“It is the most crucial time when you are able to teach and help [children] learn concepts that they will carry with them throughout life. It is much too easy, especially in the 21st century, to become self-absorbed,” said Mr. Snyder.


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