tyler and angelaTaylor Shifman

Special Correspondent

It’s an event so widely recognized people come from all over the world to our backyard. It’s the biggest marathon event in the world. Averaging at 35,000 runners in total, the Boston Marathon is one of the largest annual events in the country attracting nearly half a million spectators.

Holliston High School senior, Tyler Mahoney, has decided to take on this 26.2 mile race April 17th into Boston.

“I am kind of nervous but I have put so much work and time training and fundraising into this so I know it will being something I will never forget,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney generally trains four days a week, running seven miles on Tuesdays, four miles on Wednesdays, five miles on Saturdays, and 13+ miles on Sundays.

What may sound like a crazy amount of running to most, is something Mahoney willingly takes on with her persistent attitude. She is not scared off by the physical commitment, but takes it as a challenge to push herself even further.

“At first it was pretty difficult, but I have been doing it since November, so I am a lot more used to it by now,” Mahoney explained. She started with fewer miles but has been working her way up and plans to continue to do so as she prepares to run the whole 26.2 miles.

It’s a long route, but Mahoney does not plan on running alone.

“My mom is definitely who inspired me to want to run this. She is there every year since she is a cop so she always just jumps in after the runners start,” said Mahoney. She is thankful for the close relationship she has with her mother and says that if it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t be running the marathon.

Angela Lawless, Mahoney’s mother, is inspired by her daughter’s “determination and willingness to work for something” so big at such a young age. It’s a huge commitment for a student to devote so much of her time to training, especially during high school. According to Lawless, it’s one of the things that makes her most proud.

Lawless describes how not only has this allowed Tyler to grow as an independent and responsible young woman, but has allowed their relationship to grow as well. Due to her job as a police officer, she may not not see Tyler for up to five days at a time, so “being able to train and spend that extra time with Tyler has brought us closer than ever, and I [am] truly most thankful for that,” said Lawless.

This extra time is especially meaningful to Lawless, as Tyler will be going off to attend Framingham State University next fall.

Not only does Mahoney demonstrate determination and tenacity in training as hard as she does, but also in taking on the challenge of raising $5,000.

In order to run the marathon, Mahoney has to raise a minimum of $5,000 for a charity. She chose KeepSmillin4Abbie – a foundation that supports research for Anaphylaxis created after the passing of a young girl named Abbie Benford.

“We are so grateful Tyler chose to run the marathon and fundraise for our foundation,” said Amy Benford, director of foundation and Abbie’s mother. “Abbie was a sweet, loving girl and we can’t begin to thank people like Tyler who help us spread her memory as well as educate others about anaphylaxis.”

Amy Benford attends each of Mahoney’s fundraisers alongside husband, Stephen Benford. “Tyler is doing such a great thing for us so we love to support her as well as speak at each fundraiser to educate others,” said Amy.

Both Amy and Stephen Benford have loved seeing Tyler grow throughout this process and look forward to seeing her run the marathon April 17th.
All of this comes to a head on Monday, when Tyler will join top international athletes to run the Boston Marathon. Lawless said, “I have never been more proud of her.”


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