Kate Naughton

Special Correspondent

The annual Senior Showcase, directed by seniors Abbi O’Leary and Nick Romano and emceed by Rick Brown and Jake Obid, displayed the talents of members of HHS Class of 2017 in the auditorium on March 15.

The showcase contained roughly 20 acts ranging from comedy to music and incorporated people from all different social circles.

O’Leary said she was most excited about “seeing people who you’ve known forever and discovering talents that you didn’t know they had.”

All were in agreement that this event was primarily a night to bring the class together.

“We just involve everyone and give opportunities for a lot of people to be involved, so we’re really just looking to make this a full class experience rather than just have a few people. We don’t want the whole show to be about us,” said Obid before the show.

Brown echoed this sentiment, saying the showcase is “going be very diverse with a lot of different acts, and we think it will be something to talk about for a long time to come.”

While Senior Showcase is supposed to be a night of fun, it does not at all come easily. No two people felt stronger about that than the emcees. Over the past four weeks, the duo have put an average of six hours of work per day into perfecting their very hefty roles in the show. With the imperative help of  Romano, who as a director was already working long hours to help the acts prepare, the team created an eight minute movie, a dance, a song, and a total of ten bits to be enjoyed throughout the show.

While this was a lot of work, the two enjoyed the process and were confident in their “very much self-produced show,” said Brown.

O’Leary emphasized the fact that the great part about the show is the wide range of acts coming from unexpected people. With a total of 65 people being somehow involved in the show, there was a healthy mix of members of the Class of 2017 being represented in some way.

After the show, the seniors took home not only adrenaline from their performances, but a heavy fund that came to about $6100 to go towards class events. With no upfront costs put up, all profit goes to the class of 2017.

The class also used the night as an opportunity to pay tribute to two members of the HHS community whose influence upon students will not be forgotten. The late Mme. Terry Caccavale, who started the prestigious French Immersion program in town, was honored with the purchase of a star, whose presentation was accompanied by a song performed by Ben Dooley and Michaela Mari. Mr. Bill Wechsler, a beloved student service counselor who is bravely battling ALS, was honored with a moving cover of the Beatles’ “Let it Be,” sung by senior Michael Wexler along with the entire audience.
Between directing the show, creating the skits, incorporating members of the class, and designing t-shirts, this event displayed a plethora of student abilities. Spearheaded by emcees who, according to Brown, had “a lot of heart and a lot of passion” for honoring this senior class, the show was as successful as anticipated.


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