Harriet Koblenzer
Special Correspondent

A benefit concert to raise money for Y2Y Harvard Square is set to take place on March 20th at 7:30 in the Holliston High School Auditorium.

Junior Heather Banak created the event, and has brought musicians from different towns together to support the shelter.

Banak is using her strength in music to contribute to the organization. She is working both sides of the concert, as a coordinator and a musician.

Other musicians include Senior Mikaela Joy Mari and Ben Dooley, who are to perform “La Vie en Rose” by Édith Piaf.

“We just brainstormed how we could give most of our talent in our performance. So he is [playing] two instruments, and I’m singing and playing the ukulele,” Mari said.

Mari loves that the performance will benefit a great organization.

All of the proceeds from the performances go directly toY2Y Harvard Square is a youth homeless shelter in Cambridge Mass. The shelter was co-founded by Holliston High School graduate Rachel Rosencrantz.

“We had to raise a lot of money to renovate the place… 1.25 billion dollars, which was a challenge,” Rosencrantz said in a phone interview.

Raising money to start up the shelter was one of the most difficult things to do. Now Y2Y has been open since December of 2015, run almost entirely by students. Their staff is made up of volunteers, 30 students working 10-30 hours per week with some other regular volunteers from the community and surrounding schools.

Banak encourages other students to volunteer and support causes like Y2Y.

Said Banak, “If you want to do something, then just go for it. Start planning something if you want that to happen, and it’ll happen it you start it.”

If Monday’s concert is a success, Banak hopes to host another event next year.


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