Megan Forman

Staff Writer

This Thursday, January 12,  the senior class will hold a dance that is open for all grades to raise money for the senior class. Any money made from the dance goes to the senior class. It is put towards paying for prom, the senior trip, senior picnic, and more.

Last year, about 250 students attended, about equal to the size of one grade. The goal for this year is to have at least that number attend, if not more.

The Red-Out Dance is a smaller dance than the semi-formal and prom, but a lot of work still goes into it. Brian Chi, president of the class of 2017 , talked about what was needed for the dance to happen. The DJ and cafeteria are booked far in advance of the event, but other aspects, like printing tickets and hiring police detail, all happen closer to the event itself.

Chi is making an effort to make this dance well-advertised in attempts to have a good turn-out.

“We are going to advertise a lot to all of the classes via their class pages,” said Chi. “The dance is open to anyone, so we strongly encourage students from all grades to attend!”

In past years, most of the attendance for the dance consisted of freshman and seniors.

The Winter Red-Out is a casual occasion, like homecoming. Chi emphasized that this dance is not as expensive as prom, and is thus much more informal. This is one of few dances that all grades are invited to attend.

“It’s really just a time for fun when all grades can come together,” Chi said.

He expects that most tickets are going to be purchased day-of and all decorations have been ordered.

This dance is one of the few opportunities all students will have to have fun and de-stress before finals, and “we hope that all the students who attend have a great time!” said Chi.


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