Gemma Sampas

Staff Writer

Holliston High’s National Honor Society (NHS) was planning to host a “Teacher’s Night Out” for the faculty, this Friday the 2nd, where they would watch teachers’ kids for a few hours. The event has been postponed.

In an effort to give teachers more time to schedule, and to make the event as successful as possible, the NHS has decided to extend the date of the event, moving it from this Friday to a date to be determined in the near future.

Senior, Rebecca Malcolm, is the student in charge of this activity.

“Teachers’ Night Out is an event designed to allow school faculty with children a few hours off one night from the responsibility of looking after them,” Malcolm explained. “The students of the National Honor Society host this event at the high school and along with adult volunteers, supervise the kids, and provide a variety of activities for them to enjoy.”

NHS decided to host Teacher’s Night Out as one of their annual events designed benefit the school community. Another past event planned by NHS centers around gift giving.

“Each year, the National Honor Society organizes a holiday gift for all faculty at the high school to show our appreciation of their hard work. Students bring in baked goods and handwritten thank you cards for each member of the staff,” Malcolm said.

This year, the students of NHS brainstormed together what their events should be, and after Teacher’s Night Out was proposed, Malcolm contacted administration to ask if she could host and organize it.

“I am hopeful this is a sign that Teacher’s Night Out will be successful once it has been re-organized,” Malcolm said. So teachers, start planning if you don’t want to miss out on free babysitting from a group of very committed kids!


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