Megan Gentile

Staff Writer

Every year, on the day before Thanksgiving, Holliston High School holds its annual pep rally. All grades come together to celebrate our school.

This year, the pep rally has caused quite a stir.

Seniors Rick Brown and Jake Obid, originally selected to emcee the pep rally, began a petition to let Rick host after his right to do so was denied.

Their argument is that everyone deserves a second chance.

“Personally, I’d say the message they sent to Rick was a little unfair and that basically they are saying that a kid doesn’t deserve a second chance after making a mistake. Personally, I’ve made many mistakes in my life and I’ve been given plenty of second chances… I’ve been able to grow from my mistakes, and you know, if you’re depriving a kid to redeem [sic] himself from a mistake I just think that is wrong,” said Obid.

Obid and Brown received an estimated 300-350 signatures on their petition and said that as a whole, the students have been very supportive of it.

“We didn’t really count the exact number because there were so many, but we got six pages front and back, and it really just shows the people’s opinion,” Brown added.

They submitted they petition on Wednesday, and during the interview on Thursday afternoon they were still waiting for the office to respond.

These students believe that they could provide the most enthusiasm and excitement to the pep rally and would’ve been the perfect choices.

“Every year the goal of the pep rally is to cement the year in history as a great fun filled year. I feel like we could have really made that happen our senior year [with] what we’ve done over the four years in this high school [and] all the fun and enthusiasm we’ve brought. It would have been one for the ages, I’d say,” said Brown.

“I thought we would’ve been a great fit,” Obid added.

Although administration is standing by their decision not to allow Brown to host, the boys hope they will rethink their choice.

“I don’t think that’s the right message to send to your student body, so I would encourage them to rethink their decision and give Rick another chance because Rick is a great guy and the student body also agrees with that statement as seen on that hefty amount of signatures, “ Obid said.

Early Thursday night, it was announced that despite many efforts from Obid and Brown, administration did not give in. Amelia Porter and Pat Quinn will host the rally.

Administration declined to comment for this article.


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