Jackie Brown

Staff Writer

Starting over in a new place can be difficult for anyone. Whether it’s a new town or a whole new state, being the new kid can be a little scary. But change can be a good thing, and with a little luck and some help from the locals you can find cool places where you never expected.

One of my favorite spots in Holliston is a little shop on Washington street called Hogwash and Rhinestones. For someone like me, a country girl at heart, it has all the cutest cowgirl clothes and  accessories that make me feel right at home.

If cowgirl boots aren’t for you then maybe a karate gi is more your style. Senior, Tyler Mahoney says her favorite place in Holliston is Next Generation Martial Arts on Woodland Street. Mahoney loves NGMA because she’s “always happy there” and it “offers [her] a chance to change [her] mood around if [she’s] having a bad day.”

Mahoney loves the people she works with there, and has formed great connections with them. She says they are “very positive and fun to be around.”

Another popular spot in town is Fiske’s General Store. It’s located in the right in the center of town and has everything from toys to handmade jewelry to office supplies to games and toys.

Senior, Jordan Mckay says Fiske’s is her favorite spot on Holliston. McKay says she loves Fiske’s because “[she’s] still a kid at heart and loves to buy toys and candy and the occasional balloon.”

If you’re starting to get hungry then you’re in luck because Holliston has some amazing places to eat. Bazels is a sub and pizza shop in Holliston and it’s definitely a town favorite. Everything on the menu is great and you can’t go wrong when you try something new. It’s on route 16, a couple miles out of downtown.

“All the food is really great and it isn’t expensive. I love eating there with my friends.” said senior, Olivia Losurdo.

The Holliston Grill is a town classic that offers up some great breakfast options. A little storefront downtown Holliston, it captures the history of the town inside and is the kind of little diner no town is complete without.

Without a doubt, Holliston has plenty more great places to visit, but this list is a good place to start. Whether you’re by yourself or with some new friends, take some time to explore every little thing this amazing town has to offer.


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