Rachel Greenberg

Staff Writer

Senior privileges have always been a highly anticipated perk of being the oldest students at Holliston High School. For three years, underclassmen enviously watch seniors leave school at lunch while they have to eat their lunch in the cafeteria. But for students in senior year, are their privileges really as amazing as they once seemed?

Senior privileges do have their advantages, but many seniors are finding them to be quite overrated because they lack one very important thing– time. Lunch is only about 25 minutes long, giving limited time for seniors to do much of anything.

Sure, it’s greats to escape the walls of HHS for a bit but there is simply not enough time. Seniors are left feeling very rushed.

“I like having the ability to leave for lunch” but “one of the complaints about senior privileges is the timing,” said HHS senior Katherine Zinck. “If you live near the school you have plenty of time to go home and grab something, but if you live further away you won’t have as much time.”

Paranoia hits students as lunch comes close to an end. Am I going to be late for class? Will my teacher notice me slipping into class a few minutes late?

Getting rid of senior privileges is not the simple solution for this problem. Seniors should get their chance to leave but under better conditions. Small changes are being suggested by seniors to improve privileges.

“Leaving for DSB everyday and not just Friday would be a great adjustment,” said Zinck. “Adding just 10-15 more minutes to each lunch block would make lunch so much better for seniors.”

Should something be done to improve senior privileges? Can something be done?


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