Megan Gentile and Megan Forman

Staff Writers

Homecoming is one of the biggest events of the beginning of the school year. With a football game followed by a dance, it’s no wonder students mark their calendars.

Even though there was rain, Holliston fans and the Red Sea still showed up to support the team. The people in the stands were wrapped in blankets and sitting on towels, but still showed Holliston pride and kept up a steady stream of cheers.

The night began with the football game starting at six. The Panthers maintained a lead throughout most of the game and ended the third quarter ahead by 20 points. The fourth quarter began with a touchdown and two point conversion from Westwood making it 34-30. With 2:22 left, the Wolverines scored again, and missing the two point conversion took the lead at 36-34. The Panthers had one last possession but couldn’t quite finish and the game ended with the final score of  Westwood: 36, Holliston: 34.

During halftime, the homecoming court made an appearance on the field. This year’s court was made up of Alexis Aylward, Jack Barrett, Rick Brown, Meghan Burke, Brian Chi, Jillian Davis, Betsy Hamre, Jake Obid, Casey Prendergast, and Ryan Vazza.

Even though the dance started at seven, most students didn’t show up until later, after the game. The cafeteria was hot, but that didn’t stop anyone from busting a move or generally having a great time.

The news of  Holliston’s first loss of the season spread fast. Most of the football team wasn’t at the dance.

When the final song ended at 9:45, all upperclassmen grabbed a chair and sat around the DJ booth, with underclassmen sitting nearer to the back. Superlatives were announced, prompting much applause and cheering from the seniors.

Homecoming Court

Alexis Aylward

Jack Barrett

Rick Brown

Meghan Burke

Brian Chi

Jillian Davis

Betsy Hamre

Jake Obid

Casey Prendergast

Ryan Vazza



Most Changed Since Freshman Year- Emma Guccione and Chad Cordani

Most Spirited- Betsy Hamre and Jake Obid

Most Political- Chad Cordani and Bella Vazza

Most Musical- Ben Dooley and Mikaela Mari

Most Likely To Change The World- Meghan Burke and Hong-Long Nguyen

Most Likely To Be Famous- Kyra Allen and Rick Brown

Worst Driver- Sam Goldberg and Kelsey Crowley

Most Likely To Brighten Your Day- Pat Quinn and Victoria Koshivas

Sassiest- Lorena Pessote and Quintin Barry

Class Gossip- Maddy Colantonio and Hope Mazzeo

Clumsiest- Erica Chipman and Jamie Ogilvie

Most Intelligent- Sophie Brown and Hong-Long Nguyen

Most Involved- Jill Davis and Brian Chi

Funniest- Sam Ratcliffe and Morgan Geoffroy

Best Smile- Jake Obid and Gabriella Vazza

Friendliest- Meghan Burke and Jack Inman

Class Artist- Elena Daly and Nicholas Romano

Best To Bring Home- Meghan Burke and Ryan Vazza

Best Hair- Addie Datz and Max Moses

Most Mischievous- Julia Powell and Liam Hebert

Most Huggable- Gabriella Vazza and Mark Mulvaney

Class Wanderer- Max Moses and Jordan McKay

Most Athletic- Jack Barrett and Emma Guccione

Class Flirt- Erika Bridges and Andres Albornoz

Loudest- Ben Salley and Gabriella Hart Murgo

Best Laugh- Pat Quinn and Erica Chipman

Best Singer- Michael Wexler and Sophia Noe

Best Dressed- Sophia Noe and Max Moses

Best Eyes- Haley Hanstad and  Jared McCredie

Best Looking- Casey Prendergast and Rick Brown

Teacher’s Pet- Nate Haywood and Harriet Koblenzer

Most Likely To Return To Holliston- KD Larche and Jake Obid

Class Thespian- Kyra Allen and Casey Cotter

Common Denominator- Amelia Porter and Pat Quinn

Two Peas In A Pod- Yoel and Ishmael

Best Combo- Betsy Hamre and Sam Ratfcliffe

Class Couple- Sophia Noe and Aidan Merloni

Unsung Hero- Amelia Porter and Ryan Donahue

Couple That Should’ve Been- Jack Inman and Danielle Brucato

Class Parents- Wendy Davis, Robin Prendergast,

Underrated Teacher- Chris Murphy and Courtney Bowker

Homecoming King and Queen- Brian Chi and Jill Davis


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