Megan Forman

Staff Writer

Since 1991, residents of Holliston have gathered in the streets (and later, a field behind a gas station) for a day of celebrating this little town. This year, Celebrate Holliston will be hosted on Saturday, September 17th.

Over 25 years of fun, games, food, and music have brought people together for one day to celebrate everything that is Holliston.

Taking almost a year to plan and over 300 volunteers to recruit, there is a lot to look forward to on this big day.

The vendors start applying for a spot on the field as early as May, and all the way up through early September. There are so many people that volunteer lots of their time and effort to pull this all together. This year’s three co-chairs are Chris Leoncini, Neela Patel, and Heather Scaringella.

Celebrate Holliston is one of the biggest town-wide fundraisers all year. Many small businesses or organizations will receive grants at the event. Last year, $7000 dollars in grant money went to eight groups. This year, the board that decides who receives the grants will decide after Celebrate Holliston.

According to Patel, one of the Celebrate Holliston co-chairs, Celebrate Holliston has given more than $190,000 back to the community in the last 24 years.

With the booths from local stores and shops, people can see what everyone has to offer. The music and dance groups that perform never fail to dazzle onlookers. The local band, “Midlife Crisis,” has said that they will play for the portion of the day.

This year, there will be a few honored guests that deserve a mention. As usual, local politicians Karen Spika, Carolyn Dykema, and the Town Selectmen will be there to enjoy the day along with everyone.

Every year, the town residents can nominate Citizens of the Year, and one man and one woman are chosen. Citizens of the Year show remarkable love for the town and do what they can to help out in it. This year’s nominees and finalists are Theresa Lamkin and Steve Bradford. There was a light celebration for them on the 15th at Jasper Hill, where the town could meet these two people that help make the town what it is today.

Filled with games, contests, crafts, and raffles, people are going to get hungry. The food tent will be selling burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and sandwiches from local businesses, including Bazel’s and Superette.

This year’s theme is carnival, so I’m sure we can expect clowns and carnival games. Kids can get access to all crafts and inflatable activities for $12 at the ticket booth.

Celebrate Holliston is a day that many put on their calendars and make plans to hang out with their friends and family to enjoy this little town and all it has to offer.


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