Aine Powers

Staff Writer

Along with the start of the school year, September also brings Theatre 370’s fall musical, this year, a production of Legally Blonde.


Auditions for the musical will take place September 12th, 13th and 15th, next Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The first day of auditions will be strictly for singing, the second for dancing, and the third for call-backs.


Of the singing auditions, Director Courtney Bottomley said, “The important thing is for me, as the director, to see the student on the stage and hear where their voice part is. Is the voice suited for higher notes or lower notes?”


At day two of auditions, students will learn little bits of choreography, and be evaluated for the way they move on stage.


“It is a chance for me to see how everyone moves [and] how quickly they pick up the steps. Some characters do more movement and dance than others. It will help guide me as I choreograph the show,” said Bottomley.


After these two first days Mr. Stuart Britain, the music director, and Ms. Bottomley, will call back some actors and actresses to have them sing again and read from the script. After the whole process is complete, they will consider all the students who auditioned, and cast the show. The production will be quite big, with plenty of opportunities to showcase new and old members of Theatre 370.


“There are many small speaking and singing roles, in addition to the main characters… we invite anyone to audition, even if [they] do not want to have any solo lines,” said Bottomley.


This is Ms. Bottomley’s first year directing and choreographing an HHS musical. Last year she directed Theatre 370’s entry in the Massachusetts High School Drama Festival, The Importance of Being Earnest, and the spring play, And Then There Were None.


“When I cast the show, I am looking for a group of people who can work well together, with each other and with me. I want to cast talented students, students who are learning about theatre, and students who are looking for a new, creative activity,” said Ms. Bottomley.


Also crucial to the production are four “student producers”, actors who work with Ms. Bottomley to coordinate publicity and ticket sales, and to act as leaders among the cast. They run warm ups and plan bonding activities too, much like the captains of a sports team. This year the student producers are senior Emma Milligan, juniors Larsen Berg and Amanda Willis, and sophomore Julia Giusti-Kizik.


“I think it’s a very [exciting] and happy musical,” said Milligan. “I’m excited for the costumes and bright colors and the music.”


The cast and crew are also excited to bring such a well-known show to Holliston High’s stage.


Senior Elizabeth O’Neill, Theatre 370’s stage manager, is hopeful that such a production could bring a new audience to their shows and fresh faces to the cast and crew.


“I think it’s going to be really cool because the well known title means we could teach students who have never really been interested in our shows to come and maybe even try out,” said O’Neill.


Said Bottomley, “Legally Blonde is a very popular musical. The music is more modern than many other musicals that Theatre 370 has done in the past and I think it will appeal to just about everyone.”
Interested students can visit Theatre 370’s activities page on the HHS website for more information about the auditions and the musical.

Theatre 370’s page: http://hhs.holliston.k12.ma.us/activities/theatre370


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