Nicole Arcese

Special Correspondent

Parking this year at HHS has become an issue due to an increased number of seniors combined with a large junior class and a lack of available parking spaces.

“We have a larger population of students that need to park and approximately 260 spots and many more students that want to bring their cars to school,”Assistant Principal Mrs. Anne Connoni said.

“We’ve had about 35 juniors parking without parking passes,” secretary Mrs. Valerie Camiel said.

As a result of the growing amount of students wanting to use the lot, there are no parking spots available to some underclassmen, who had started to park without passes. Administration is telling them they cannot bring their cars to school, as it is becoming a problem.

“We were receiving complaints from parents and students that there weren’t enough parking spaces for students to park, so they were late to school, having to park in fire lanes and on the grass, and they [parents] also had made some complaints to the police department,” Mrs. Connoni said.

Seniors have found it especially difficult to find spots when they return to school during the day. “I would come back from my internship and have nowhere to park,” said senior Lily Stering.

Shortly after this issue was brought to the administration’s attention, Mrs. Connoni, along with other members of the Administration, began going out to the parking lot to check for visible parking passes in student’s cars. Mrs. Connoni also noted that if  they didn’t have passes they would “write their license plates down to see if they forgot their pass,” and check in with students. “Just recently we started to call parents,” Mrs. Connoni added.

In order to stop the students from parking without passes, Assistant Principal Mr. Patrick Kelly has warned the students parking without passes that if they continue they will receive a detention for a first offense and a Saturday School for a second offense.

Since Mr. Kelley has spoken to students about possible consequences, the parking lot issue has become less of a problem.

To avoid this issue in the future years, Mrs. Connoni suggested that students should “get your parking passes early.”


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