Carly Fisher

Special Correspondent

Art Saves Lives, Holliston High School’s annual art show, is raising money to help support ALS and breast cancer research this Thursday, May 19th in honor of Mr. Bill Wechsler and Mrs. Terry Caccavale.

Mr. Wechsler and Mrs. Caccavale both feel “honored” that Art Saves Lives is sponsoring a fundraiser for them.

“The money raised will be donated to organizations for research, which is the key to finding a cure,” said Mr. Wechsler, who was recently diagnosed with ALS.

ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes muscle weakness, paralysis, and ultimately, respiratory failure, affects approximately 5,600 people annually, according to alsa.org.

Mrs. Caccavale has been battling breast cancer, which, according to cancer.org, has already affected 246,660 people just this year.

The annual show allows students from HHS to display their artwork, while raising money and awareness for various causes. In the past Mrs. Caccavale has been involved in Art Saves Lives, while selling Pulsera bracelets to raise money to help the women and children in Guatemala and Columbia, she said.

Fundraising at the event  has helped many people over the years, including the person who runs it, art teacher Mr. Doug Lack. “Several years ago during this event, the Community came out to help me raise funds and awareness of Kidney Disease and my search to find a Living Donor for my needed transplant. Unfortunately I am still searching for a Living Donor.”

Most people, including both Mr. Wechsler and Mrs. Caccavale, think very highly of art and Art Saves Lives.

When talking about how art affects students, Mr. Wechsler said, “Art saves lives, a metaphor, it is really the sense that no matter what is going on in your life, art can turn your life around.”

The whole idea of this program is that art does and can save lives in many ways. It allows anyone to escape from daily life and invest their time into something that they can create.

On the impact of art on students lives, Mrs. Caccavale said, “Bringing attention to art brings to attention that students are multifaceted and student lives are complex. This allows students to communicate to others through various media; it allows you to get to know students on a different level.”


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