Jackie Brown

Staff Writer

Prom season is right around the corner, and for some it will arrive all too quickly. Many girls find it a very stressful time of year, full of appointment planning and dress shopping.

For a number of girls, looking for dresses and booking appointments starts as early as January, even though most proms aren’t until April or May.

In a 2014 Spire & Co. article about how to have a stress-free prom, Kaitlyn Mitchell said that in order to minimize dress shopping stress, start looking early.

“Go into different stores that sell prom dresses or look online. Get a feel for what styles you like or dislike. Don’t make any hasty decisions and take your time finding the best dress for you.”

A junior at Holliston High School, Olivia Losurdo, also thinks it’s important to shop early and said in an email interview to start looking as soon as possible, “like February or March, this way you have many options and don’t have to worry about getting the same dress as someone.”

Like Losurdo said, no one wants to worry about wearing the same dress as someone else, so every year a senior girl will create a Facebook group for all the girls going to prom. This way, they can post their dresses to try and avoid conflict.

Junior, Carly Fisher, said that the group is helpful because it gives people important details about prom and lets girls post their dresses so no one will buy the same dress.

Losurdo finds it helpful for avoiding dress mishaps, but thinks that it can make some people feel apprehensive when posting pictures of their dress.

Besides the dress, the thought of hair and makeup can also be a bit stressful.

Last year, Fisher said she got her hair done but did her own makeup. This year, she has made appointments for both because “it’ll be less stressful having someone else do it and it’s likelier to come out better.”

Kaitlyn Mitchell also said in the Spire & Co. article that “if you plan on going to a salon to have it done, book an appointment early because they tend to be very busy around prom time. Another good idea is to get a trial done before prom in order to try out different looks and make sure you are happy with the outcome.”

Losurdo and Fisher also recommend making appointments a few months before to make sure an appointment is saved.

Prom is only a little over a week away now. Though the time for planning is over, it’s the perfect time to start considering what your prom will be next year. If you’re a junior, think about what you might do differently next year. If you’re a sophomore or a freshman, look at what upperclassmen are doing and ask yourself whether you will want to do things similarly when your prom comes around.

Even though Prom can seem like a hectic time of year, it best to not let it stress you out. Both girls are very excited for prom this year.

“It’s just a dance and it’s okay if something goes wrong,” said Fisher.

Losurdo has the same advice, saying, “it’s best to just relax because everything will end up working out.”


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