Abigail PinterParsons

Staff Writer

As social media has grown over the past years, so has the sheer amount of talent discovered through it. From YouTube to Vine to Snapchat, many average, otherwise unknown people have found their way to fame. These are platforms for people to shine, to show others what they’re made of, and follow their dreams. This is exactly what Ruth B has done. She’s followed the second star to the right and made it big with her hit song “Lost Boy”.

The 20 year old Canadian singer-songwriter first got her start on Vine in 2014. She had originally made up a quick, six second snippet of a song; it was just some words slapped together with a relatively catchy melody. She then posted it, not expecting it to get the amount of attention it did. In one week, she had gone from a practical nobody to over 80,000 likes (which is an extra large amount considering she posted it back in 2014 before vine was as popular as it is today). The influx of positive comments and attention encouraged her to actually write the full song. She completed it and posted a version to YouTube. Overnight it received 100,000 views and months later it had millions, launching her firmly into the public eye. By the end of 2015, she released her first EP, titled The Intro, which has four original songs on it.

Her most popular song “Lost Boy” made it to Billboard’s Top 100 chart. It clearly stands out amongst the other songs. It’s a simple song, only featuring piano accompaniment and Ruth’s voice. This helps bring more attention to the words and meaning of the song as opposed to just a catchy new pop hit. The song is simple but powerful, making it unique and recognizable amongst others. While they lyrics speak directly about Peter Pan, it also has an underlying message that everyone can and will get lonely at some point. Everyone has their own salvation and comfort somewhere – essentially, everyone has their own Peter Pan. In the song, she serenades the listener by claiming that she is a Lost Boy, running away with Peter Pan and finally feeling like she belongs somewhere.

In terms of composition, the song is well-executed. The lyrics were beautifully written, including lines such as “My only friend was the man in the moon/and even sometimes he would go away too” and “He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe.” Her creativity and poeticism really shines through in her music. Her voice clearly cuts above the solo piano, making the lyrics stand out just a little bit more. The song is definitely worth a listen, even if slow ballads aren’t generally your thing.

The rest of her EP contains three additional original songs. In the style of “Lost Boy”, they all consist of just Ruth and her piano, but the melodies vary enough that listening to her EP the whole way through doesn’t get tedious or monotonous. Her next best song is arguably “Superficial Love”, which is about not being in a relationship solely based physical appearances. She wants to recognize that each person has flaws, and that just assuming the other person is inherently perfect will only lead to a crumbling relationship. Her other two songs, “Golden” and “2 Poor Kids” are decent enough, but aren’t very noteworthy or memorable.

Her first EP is potentially the stepping stone to bigger and greater things for Ruth B. I think that, with time and patience, her songs will improve to even greater heights. While her songs are great now, I am excited to see what the future holds for the evolution of her sound and storytelling.


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