Marlee D’Angelo

Special Correspondent

The new history teacher, Mr. Kevin Zahner, has had a very interesting path which is different than many teachers here at Holliston High School. He grew up in Massachusetts and at a young age he realized he loved music. This led to him become the drummer of a popular band in Texas.

When Mr. Zahner was only four years old, he began “banging on pots and pans,” he said.

In the fourth grade, he joined band and his love and interest for music grew.

“Music was always very serious for me, and by that point I had already produced an album before I had got my license,” said Mr. Zahner.

After graduating high school, he had thought about attending UMass Dartmouth to major in business. His band teacher was shocked, as he just figured Mr. Zahner was going to school for music. After thinking about what he really wanted to do, he went on to attend to University of North Texas to major in music.

He committed to a band in Texas called “Clay Trash” where he was the main drummer. “It was a situation that I could grow in as an individual. They were going to be putting us on stages that I had never been on before and situations that I had always wanted to be a part of,” said Mr. Zahner.

After about two years of playing with this band, he said he could “remember not wanting to get on a tour bus and leave my family.” This is when Mr. Zahner thought teaching history would be a better job fit for him. He taught at a high school in Texas for several years before he and his wife decided to move to Massachusetts, where many of Mr. Zahner’s family members live.

“What stood out on his resume was his experience and the courses that he taught,” said Ms. Paula O’Brien, head of the history department at HHS. He also “had technology experience,” which she thought would be a positive in the classroom.

“He’s added a fresh point of view, a fresh perspective, his knowledge, and experience,” to the history department, said Ms. O’Brien. He has “added a lot to our meetings” and is “a great colleague.”

When comparing Texas to Holliston, Mr. Zahner noticed when Holliston students “come into the classroom, there’re already a lot of friendships and relationships that aren’t superficial, that you’ve known each other for a long time, and I like that. That’s what I grew up with; that’s what I’m comfortable with,” explained Mr. Zahner.

Faculty as well as students at HHS have enjoyed Mr. Zahner’s addition to the high school.

Shelby Hinchy, a student in Mt. Zahner’s Modern World History class, said “he communicates well with his students” and is always there to “answer any questions we have,” in DSB or after school.

Mr. Zahner has not fully ended his music career, as he has “played a few shows with Fathers and Sons at weddings,” since he has been back. He also enjoys “jamming with Doug Calais,” at HHS.


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