Abigail PinterParsons

Staff Writer

Country music isn’t everyone’s thing. However, sometimes there are artists that transcend their platform and can appeal to even people who aren’t country lovers. While Maddie and Tae do have a distinctly country sound, the music on their debut album, Start Here, is easy for anyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Their biggest hit, “Girl in a Country Song” tackles the stereotype of girls in country songs with their cutoff shorts and bikini tops perched prettily on the backs of guys’ trucks. It combats the inherent sexism that goes along with many country songs. It has turned heads and grinded gears, getting enough attention for Rolling Stone to call them one of “The 10 New Artists You Need to Know.” It’s catchy and upbeat, and it’s clear why it is their biggest hit. But the rest of their album follows suit; many of the songs are easy to dance along to, with songs like “Waitin’ on a Plane”, “Shut Up and Fish”, and “Sierra”.

While “Girl in a Country Song” has gained the most popularity, “Sierra” is the best song on the album. It’s a sassy song about an old high school bully. They start off by singing “I wish I had something nice to say” and the tone is set for the rest of the song. It is light and humorous and continues to comment on the old drama queen’s antics and how she never thought for herself. Maddie reveals that the infamous Sierra used to send her and her friends home crying, so lyrics such as “It might not be Christian to be wishing what I’m wishing,” seemed to be rightly deserved.

As for the rest of Start Here, it’s easy to just sit back and listen to. It never gets monotonous, and the songs range in tempo and sound throughout. The subject of the songs also vary greatly, from talking about the stereotypes of girls, to mean girls, to boys to growing up, it never gets boring.

The duo has already had a lot of success, and it’s likely their next albums will only increase their popularity. Maddie and Tae are certainly making their splash in the music industry and I hope they will continue to grow.


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