Jackie Brown

Special Correspondent


On Wednesday, December 23 at 5:03 pm, Karen Evers-Pecci, 57, was hit by a truck while crossing Washington Street downtown and died from her injuries the next day on December 24.

Holliston Police Lieutenant David Gatchell said in a phone interview that the first responders were “Sergeant Matthew Waugh, Officer Ken Belson and Officer Kate Hickey.”

Right away they knew her injuries were serious and immediately started medical procedures, Officer Gatchell said.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said in an email interview that she met Evers six years ago when her mother was in the hospital where Evers worked as a social worker.

“She was the kindest, sweetest, most compassionate person I have ever met,” the source said.

John Paltrineri, the owner of Fiske’s General Store which is located downtown near where the accident took place, said in a phone interview that he didn’t notice anything was wrong at first.

“I was busy waiting on customers and I didn’t know anything occurred. I was in the craft section, coming out of my office and I noticed blue lights, it was probably about 15-20 minutes after it happened,” Paltrineri said.

Paltrineri said when he had gotten out there, “they had just laid her onto the stretcher she was all covered up. After a couple of minutes she was in an ambulance.”

The overall cause of the accident is “still under investigation by the Massachusetts State Police Crash Reconstruction team. It will probably be a couple of months before they release the findings of their investigation,” said Officer Gatchell.

The source says that she and her friends are furious over the accident.

Due to the dangerous nature of the intersection, “There were several temporary suggestions mentioned a year ago that were never pursued,” the source said.

Some of the suggestions made by townspeople include a bucket of flags on each side of the road for pedestrians to carry when crossing. Many others asked for there to be a police officer on duty during the busiest times of day, such as after 4pm, as it is impossible to cross Central Street anytime later than that.

“Cars are rushing by and no one stops for cars never mind a pedestrian,” said the source.

It is still unknown if the driver will be charged. That won’t be determined until the report by the Massachusetts State Police Crash Reconstruction Team comes out, said Officer Gatchell.

The source said there is also a gofundme site set up for Evers to raise money for her children’s education. The site has already raised $64,000.

Officer Gatchell said when talking about crossing safety, he tells everyone the same thing, “Don’t assume cars can see you, try to make eye contact so you know they see you, and always cross with caution.”

lamp post

The lamp post has flowers taped to it in memorial of Karen Evers.

It is located next to the same crosswalk where she was hit.


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