Sam Sack

Special Correspondent

On Sunday, January 31st, Destination ImagiNation is hosting the first Holliston Film Festival at Robert Adams Middle School in order to raise money for the Holliston Schools’ arts programs.

Destination ImagiNation Team Manager Kristine Perlmutter said the Destination ImagiNation team had previously thought about holding a film festival, however, the DI challenge has never allowed for them to do so. The theme of the challenge this year is community service, which allowed the team to reintroduce the idea.

Senior and member of Destination ImagiNation Abby Meltzer said, “it’s a good way to support the arts program,” adding, “it’s important to give back to a department that’s been cut.”

Mrs. Perlmutter said the DI team has been in the process of planning and organizing the event since September.

Senior and member of Destination ImagiNation Ariana Ameli said they received, “music videos, claymations, public service announcements, movies, [and] satires.”

“I wasn’t expecting this really high level of professionalism in the videos that were submitted,” said Senior and member of Destination ImagiNation Joshua Perlmutter. He said even though they had to extend the deadline a few times, they were able to get enough videos to have the Festival.

Destination ImagiNation member Kent Perlmutter said, besides fundraising, he hopes the Film Festival will allow kids who can’t take classes like Cinematography to have the freedom to try something new.

Admission to the Film Festival will cost five dollars, and anyone is welcome to attend and support the directors. If the community came to support the directors, “That would be a success,” said Mrs. Perlmutter.


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