Anna Cunningham

Special Correspondent


Senior year means closing a chapter on a lot of aspects of childhood and for students heading off to college, it may be the last time which they are living at home for the holiday season. Though, with some preparation and planning, traveling home for the holidays becomes a much easier task.  

Carly Burstein, a Freshman at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA originally from Southboro, MA, noted the schedule for schools breaks is “organized well,” she explained in an email interview. Because there is an adequate amount of time for the winter break, starting from December until January 3, students who come from far away are able to fly home for a generous amount of time.

Because some colleges conclude their semesters earlier or later than others, students will be flying home at different times, meaning airlines will be selling a substantial amount of tickets throughout the month of December.

In order to help an ever-growing market of college students traveling home for vacation there are sites such as StudentUniverse designed specifically to help college students find the cheapest price for airline tickets.

Sites that have been made into new applications such as airfarewatchdog are now available on cell phones and alert students via email when the cheapest ticket is made available to them and can be purchased directly through the application itself.



Not every student goes to school so far from home that it would make sense to fly home. Those who do, however, understand there is an added expense of airfare along with the cost of tuition. Through the use of these travel sites, coupled with extra money from scholarships and working summer jobs, the cost of airfare can really be maintained with the proper planning and preparation in organizing a flight.

Norfolk resident, Theresa Gaines spoke of her son who goes to school at UC Santa Barbara and said, “We really just try to take it one step at a time when thinking about costs. My son works on campus so some of what he makes goes towards airfare in case he wants to visit for Spring Break.”

A round trip flight to Boston from California runs anywhere from $200-$500 depending on when the purchase is made during the year. The closer the departure date arrives, the higher the cost will be.

On average, the cost of flying home to see family totals up to about $800-$1000 depending on when the purchases are made and when the flight is scheduled. Many people can see the benefit in visiting home for major holidays, but to cut costs of travel in half, staying with friends nearby school and saving money along the way can aid in the overall cost of airfare for college students.

A study conducted by CheapAir.com in 2014 showed the cheapest tickets are available at least three month ahead of the departure date and bought on a Tuesday night.  

“Of course the flight costs will be a burden but the best we can do is hope for good financial aid and some nice scholarships to carry us through. I think if you have a dream school and a plan in mind, the present costs will always pay themselves off in the future,” said Kaileigh Stopa, Holliston High School senior who has applied to The University of Chicago, Brown and Boston University.   

Sonia Gil of the YouTube show, “Sonia’s Travels” provides vlogs on just about everything under the sun regarding travel. Videos include tips on navigating airports, planning trips and finding the best possible tickets for the lowest price. People who have not traveled so much can look to one of these videos as a guide in navigating travel and ease their mind on the subject.



In thinking about recent events, some people may feel uneasy about traveling. In regards to this idea, Burstein stated, “I try not to think too much about the stuff happening in the world because you can scare yourself out of anything if you do that.”

Seniors, enjoy the holiday season at home this year; it might take a little more traveling to get home next year.



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