Emile Exilhomme

Special Correspondent


After coming off of a tough 1-19 season in 2015, the Holliston Varsity Basketball team is ready to bring its A game this year.

Both the captains and the coach have high expectations for the team, and the coaching staff is creating new strategies to work towards those expectations.

“I expect everyone to give 110% effort, play with enthusiasm, and look to improve,” said co-captain Luke Altobelli.  He plans on leading the team by “giving a lot of enthusiasm… supporting teammates, and helping everyone out.”

“I expect that all of the hardwork they put in the off season, will pay off for them. All of [the] guys have put in a large amount of work.” The work consisted of workouts, open gyms, and summer league basketball. “The improvement I’ve seen just in the past year is… remarkable,” said varsity Coach Ms. Jenna Galster.

With new expectations, there are also new strategies the team wants to try. After the difficult season the they had last year, they have made a lot of changes and improvements in hopes of better results.

Mrs. Galster and the coaching staff have worked very closely during this offseason, stating, “we pick the offenses, we pick the defenses, we pick the drills, we pick everything that we do very carefully, so that they will build on what all these players have established in the off season and all their work from last season.”  

She also added that one of the challenges last year was that “we had a young team with very little varsity experience. The thing that’s great about this year’s team is that we have a lot of returning varsity players.” Sam Campbell, Zach Sweet, Cam Dudley, Dylan Kasgargin, and Andrew Lynch are just a few of the 10 returning players that will contribute to help “turn the outcomes of games.”

Co-captain Andrew Keim also has thought of some ways to make this season successful, saying that a key aspect would be “making sure we walk in having an expectation of winning instead of an expectation of losing,” as this was one of the major challenges the team faced last season. He added, “if we expect to win and expect to play a great game, then I think we can do that.”

The team chemistry has also made a huge improvement in the last year.  With the bonding over the summer with summer league, camps and hanging out the team has become closer than ever before.

Coach Galster said,  “I am thrilled about the level of energy and excitement they brought this season. It’s contagious. It’s awesome. I walk out of here every single day happy and walk in every single day excited.”

Altobelli is also confident about this chemistry, stating it’s about  “110% percent, you know like the NBA franchise mode, it’s up there.”

Kiem also added, “the team chemistry is great. We are all used to playing with each other for the most part. I think that shows in a way that we just have a great positive attitude.”

Holliston Varsity Basketball opened the season with their first game on December 15th against Westwood, which they lost 66 – 53, then losing 52 – 45 to Medway on December 18th. Despite these initial losses, the team remains optimistic and hopes to turn their luck around at their next home game against Millis on December 22nd.


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