Abigail PinterParsons

Staff Writer


Every boy band seems to have at least one member who tries to break free of his innocent and young image, attempting a more sophisticated solo career. He might see people like Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas and become inspired, thinking he can do it himself. He doesn’t want to be seen as a B-list teen heartthrob popstar that just belts lyrics about falling in love and making teenage girls weak at the knees, instead wanting to be seen as his own independent artist who makes a unique mark on the world, to explore his own image without anyone else by their side. Essentially, he wants his own spotlight.

Enter Nathan Sykes, former member of boy band The Wanted. Sykes is trying to make his name known with single “Kiss Me Quick” off of his debut album. In his own words, the song is “basically just asking someone for a cheeky little kiss,” which is, to say, very cliché. The actual song isn’t much better, including lyrics such as “Put your face on my face” and “You got me hooked on your VDA” (VDA, as it turns out, is a virtual display of affection – when couples write about how much they love and miss each other all over social media). With generic pop music accompanied with unoriginal lyrics, his music can be best described as painfully average. And that’s generous.



Even with the single’s intense mediocrity, the song still reached the number one spot on the US Dance Club Songs Chart. It’s the kind of song that would be played on the radio station so often that you want to break something every time it comes on. It’s the kind of song that young tweens and middle schoolers will blast from their phones so often that you want to scream. It’s the kind of song that wasn’t really that bad the first time you heard it, but continually gets worse and worse the more times it is played.

The rest of Sykes’ album doesn’t seem to hold promise, either. The album consists mostly of songs about breakups, romances, and relationships, and based off his debut single, they will end up being cliché and unoriginal. He seems to be trying too hard to tear himself away from his old boy band days. His revamped style plays at being new and slicked back while the lyrics desperately try to come off as smooth and relatable. The only problem is that his boy band days were much better than whatever it is he’s trying to do now; those songs at least had a catchy tune and less cringeworthy lyrics.

Overall, he isn’t downright terrible. He’s just not good either. So as the song goes, “No we don’t know what tomorrow’s gonna bring” and with any luck, it probably won’t include Nathan Sykes.


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