Lindsay Kester

Special Correspondent

The HHS volleyball team during their visit to the Robert Adams Middle School. Source: @HollistonVball on Twitter.

The 2015 HHS volleyball team during their visit to the Robert Adams Middle School. Source: @HollistonVball on Twitter.

Nobody knows that I play volleyball. In fact, half of the school seems to forget that it’s a sport. The other half is a vague, “Oh, yeah,” and then a few questions about the sport. The most common one: how do you play?

This isn’t a plea for new spectators; it’s easier to play when there are less people and less pressure. It’s easier to remember rotations.

Rotations, by the way, are the insanely complicated ways we get into our positions. There are a series of rules about where you’re allowed to be and when, and if you get called on rotations you lose the point. The next day, that means sprints at practice and a couple of hours of random drills. Needless to say, we don’t forget our rotations very often.

The reason we have rotations in the first place is because one person serves from one spot on the court each time, so one person doesn’t serve the whole time. Every time a team wins a point, the players must rotate so a new person is in the serving position. Sounds easy, but then it gets more complicated.

Each time we rotate (a new person serving at this point), we all have to get to our home bases. All of us play different positions, and there’s an assigned spot for each of them. It changes when in the front row versus the back row, too, and then you’re not allowed to go in front of the person in front of you or to the right of the person to your right. It changes when we have the ball and when the other team is serving.It is, in short, a mess.

It’s really hard to explain to someone who only half cares, because they’ll try to clarify and get it wrong, and then I feel obligated to correct them — it’s simply hard to figure it out. Nobody is going to get it within five seconds.

Here’s some advice: if you’re going to ask me about volleyball, either prepare for a fifteen minute speech with detailed diagrams and lots of hand motions, or don’t ask. Ask if we won. Hopefully, the answer will be yes.


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Sport of HHS: Volleyball

  1. As a fellow volleyball player and a teammate of Lindsay’s, all of the above is true. Volleyball is a sport being learn in grade 7 gym class and the forget about. It seems to be 6 girls on a court keeping a ball in the air, like an intense game of keep the balloon off the floor. It is a lot more than that. Rotations are just the tip of the ice burg with the sport. It requires good team work and a clear mindset. If you don’t get along with any of your team mates it’s almost a guaranteed bad season. You have to communicate with these people at all times or the game doesn’t work. Having clear mind set and limited distraction is also key. I always tell myself to keep my court life separate form real life. All I think about on the court is the game and nothing else. Not about the math test I totally bombed, only the game.
    Lindsay did a brilliant job describing the rotations and the frustration that comes with explaining the game to people.

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