Congratulations to all the winners!

Homecoming Queen: Julia DeMarky

Homecoming King: Ryan Cahill

Couple that Should’ve Been: Jillian Murphy and PJ Donnelly

Most Likely to Return: Annie Croke and Andrew Keim

Most Likely to be Famous: Mai Harwich and Jake Barber

Best Hair: Molly Gallivan and Ben St. George

Most Huggable: Cat Berg and Jake Barber

Best Eyes: Genevieve Kent and Ian McCarthy

Loudest: Beth Cronin and Zack Stering

Best to Bring Home: Julia DeMarkey and Andrew Keim

Class Wanderer: Noah Rostchek and Nick Skarmeas

Best Looking: Genevieve Kent and Chris Donlin

Most Spirited: Ashley Arnold and Chris Donlin

Most Mischievous: Anya Carey and Doug Whittington

Most Likely to be Successful: Ariana Ameli and Ryan Cahill

Most Athletic: Jana Paecht and Matt McIsaac

Best Dressed: Isabel Doonan and Karl Cousseillant

Class Pet: Beth Radcliffe and Bennett Medeiros

Class Musician: Emily Quinan and Tony Perone

Funniest: Ashley Arnold and Aidan Delaney

Two Peas in a Pod: Annie & Kate Robertson and Sam Bonfatti & Teddy Campbell

Class Couple: Brooke Iarussi and Doug Flynn

Common Denominator: Ariana Ameli and Sam Bonfatti

Unsung Hero: Tracey Miller and Ryan Cahill

Most Likely to Change the World: Kate Healy and Ryan Cahill

Worst Driver: Sarah Morana and Aidan Delaney

Best Smile: Elizabeth Themeli and Andrew Keim

Friendliest: Cat Berg and Patrick Dinehart

Class Thespian: Lanie Meyers and Jake Barber

Class Bromance: Anna Barber & Cat Berg and Justin McLinden & Zack Stering

Class Artist: Samantha Tate and Hunter Thompkins

Class Flirt: Katie Desrochers and Ian McCarthy

Wicked Smaht: Jess Strzempko and Yoshi Yamakawa

Cutest: Beth Radcliffe and Luke Altobelli

Class Parents: Mrs. Servidio and Mrs. Cronin

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Rivera and Mr. Lack


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