Edward Bennie

Staff Writer

Julius Caesar once said, “Men willingly believe what they wish.” In the United States this could not be truer. In the past few months, tensions between the government and the people have increased tremendously. The results can be seen everyday in places like Baltimore, Ferguson, etc. Over the past school year, many have fallen victim to breaches in justice at the hands of officers of the law. The press, along with the rest of the country are drawn to these killings, because the men were unarmed at the time of their deaths.

There are those who believe these acts of violence are racist, simply because the victims were African American and the officers were Caucasians. Here is a statistic from Washington Times that most of these people are unaware of: of all the people killed by police officers from 2013-2015, 49 percent were Caucasian, and 30 percent were African American, with Asians and Hispanics filling the rest. These statistics represent the amount of people who were unarmed and killed by an officer of the law during this two year period of time. All that is known is the fact that most of these people were breaking the law, but were unarmed while doing so.

So then why are people rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson? Is it due to the simple fact that minority deaths spark more interest and outrage? Last week people took to the streets of Baltimore in what they called protests. However, according to the federal government, “these protests ended the second cars and businesses were destroyed and looted.”

The situation escalated to the extent that the National Guard had to be called in to calm the situation. Personally, my belief is that these petty acts of thuggish behavior should not be tolerated and every single student, man, woman, and even child that were apart of these activities need to face justice and get arrested.

The government has laws and control for a reason, so that situations like this do not occur without a swift end. The Obama administration is utilizing a “wait and see” tactic to allow the protestors to deescalate the situation themselves.  With news of another possible “purge“ on the way, this one targeted at the Caucasian population, violence is most likely to rise again this week.

TIME magazine cover referencing today's riots and similar Baltimore-based civil rights riots from 1968.

TIME magazine cover referencing today’s riots and similar Baltimore-based civil rights riots from 1968.

Time will only tell what the fate of Baltimore will be; one thing is for certain though. The actions of the few do not reflect on the whole. While most of the violent protesters were African American, it is important to remember that this group of rioters is tiny in the grand scheme of things, and should not form into a stereotype to base lives on.


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