Cole Harrison

Special Correspondent

Arvanitis in goal for the Panthers. Source: http://www.hollistontownnews.com/

Arvanitis in goal for the Panthers. Source: http://www.hollistontownnews.com/

Brad Arvanitis’ ”biggest failure in the net” fueled his biggest career win – the Tri-Valley League (TVL) Most Valuable Player award (MVP), the first time the TVL has named a goalie as a MVP.

Arvanitis, a native of Atlanta, has come a long way since his biggest failure, which was getting cut from his travel team after previously having a four year stint with them. He credits hard work and determination as the major contributor to his M.V.P caliber season.

A co-captain of Holliston Varsity Hockey, Brad Arvanitis is a calm, cool and collected character; however, when he returns to his second home, the net, the beast is set loose.

“No one I’ve ever played with prepares for a game and wants to win quite the way Brad does… Brad is determined,” said senior Panther Captain Derek Bedard.

Preparation is key to Brad’s gameplan. His pre-game preparation and winning attitude led him to a historic season in 2014-2015 for the Panthers. He posted seven shutouts and a whopping save percentage of 0.954. He participated in the Shriners All Star Game on March 21st.

Despite his personal success in the net, Brad’s objective is to win and when the pressure is on he’s the one you want in the cage. He is the ultimate team player.

Varsity Hockey had an extraordinary season, ousting Somerset-Berkley and Mashpee-Monomoy in the state tournament before falling to a powerful Cohasset team. This year’s post-season success couldn’t have been completed without the stellar play from Arvanitis who didn’t miss a beat all season.

Holliston upset Somerset-Berkley in the first round behind the play of Arvanitis who recalls this game as one of his best. Fifty-seven saves and a shootout later the Panthers found themselves celebrating a 3-2 victory. While many would have roasted under pressure, Brad was right where he wanted to be, in control when the game was on the line.

“The thing that draws me to the sport is how fast paced it is and the amount of pressure that is on me since I’m the last line of defense,” added Arvanitis. When the game is on the line Brad always finds a way to maintain his nerves and remain tough.

Brad hasn’t always experienced success throughout his career.  After a four year stint for his 2011-2012 National Champion Bantam team, Brad got cut. He notes this as his “biggest failure in net”.

This fueled Brad to work twice as hard. Towards the end of the season Brad received a phone call. It was from none other than the coach that cut him months before. “ I had a phenomenal year with another team and the coach called me back saying that he was sorry he didn’t take me,” said Arvanitis.

Hard work and preparation clearly pays off and Brad Arvanitis has learned that throughout his career. He is always prepared for the shots he’s going to face on the ice and in life.

As for now, Brad looks onward to junior hockey (team undecided). He hopes to play juniors for a year to better prepare himself for NCAA Division 1 Hockey followed by a chance to reach his ultimate goal and follow his dream, lacing his skates up for an NHL franchise.


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