Paula Rivera

Special Correspondent

Samantha Tate's Award-Winning Piece

Samantha Tate’s Award-Winning Piece

Imagine trying to create an intricate typewriter out of only cardboard and newspaper. Seems impossible. Not only did Samantha Tate, a junior at Holliston High School do that, but she also won a national award for it.

Tate is best known for her artistic abilities.

“I actually knew of her before… at the end of [Tate’s] 8th grade year. I had an interview with her to put her in the art major program immediately because she was so talented,” said art teacher, Mr. Douglas Lack.

She has shown dedication to art since the beginning. Tate said that she started exploring her artistic abilities “right before preschool.” The dedicated artist has also gone to art camps at the Danforth museum with Bob Cullins.

Creativity and spontaneity is always recognized in her art. “She just exudes an artistic flare, everything she does, she thinks in a creative way… She always makes a personal statement with her art: she takes an assignment and you can always see her personality shine through it,” said Mr. Lack.

The petite artist even shows her creativity through all of her outfits. She matches loud colors and interesting designs and pulls it all together for a completely original and elegant look.

Tate’s style in everything she does is always different and artistic and it shows through in her art. Her “whimsical” personality is always expressed in her pieces.

The “Typewriter” piece was an assignment that Mr. Lack had created for his Art III class.

“We do a lot of experimentation with materials.” This project included using recycleable materials as the medium. The subject matter was open for the artist to choose, and “she wanted to do something challenging and saw an old typewriter and decided to challenge herself by recreating it,” Mr. Lack explained.

When Tate heard about this project, which took her over two weeks to complete, she said that it was her “first time working with cardboard, and when I saw the typewriter I thought it would be great for contrast.” She also liked the idea of using newspaper and cardboard to make a typewriter.

The Golden Key Award that she has received is extremely prestigious and difficult to win.

“I submitted a bunch of pieces, I thought I might get a silver award or something but I didn’t think it would go this far,” said Tate.

Lack explained the process that Tate’s piece went through to get recognized. He explained that once she won a Gold Key at the regional local competition in Boston, the piece was then taken to New York City to be judged on a national level against tens of thousands of people who submitted work around the country.

On a national level, her piece won a Gold Key and it is now displayed in New York.

She and her parents, who are also artists, have been invited to the award ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

Tate plans to continue on in her artistic studies. She hopes to attend the Rhode Island School of Design or MassArt to study interior design.

As far as Mr. Lack is concerned, he believes the “sky’s the limit for her.”


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