Edward Bennie

Staff Writer

(Ed Bennie, Eddy Glazebrook, and Mike Glazebrook perform a cover of “Four Five Seconds”)

When thinking of a life changing experience, most people typically associate with something either utterly dreadful and gloomy, or cheerful and surprising. For me, senior showcase was a life altering experience, one that left me not only with a new sense of confidence, but also with a new array of discovered skills. I went to audition for the show, expecting not to make it because I did not think my voice was good enough, but that type of thinking was soon to change. I walked in, sat down and introduced myself and then began my solo.

Following my audition, senior Erica Linnell came over to me and said, “I am so excited to see you perform on stage in front of everyone, you’re going to rock it!”. From that moment on I knew what I had to do, I wanted this to be the best it can be, so I practiced day-in and day-out until I was satisfied with my voice and the songs. The overall experience was not possible without my partner in crime, senior Eddy Glazebrook, who helped me through a lot of tough high notes in or duet.

Singing in the showcase was only one aspect of the show though, being mentioned in other skits such as the HHS news skit was exciting. Sitting at rehearsal and hearing senior Paula Rivera saying, “Ed Bennie still doesn’t have a British accent,” made me practically fall onto the floor laughing.

As the show got closer and closer the pressure to perform and excel got more and more intimidating. At each rehearsal, I had mistakenly switched two verses in the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. This was unnoticeable to most, but it left me with a sense of panic for the premiere night.

When the night arrived, I was nervous as always — everyone was, as this was our big break to show off our talents to a huge audience. The show was great; the skits and performances were truly incredible. When I eventually had to perform my two songs, I felt somewhat relaxed which was a complete surprise to me.

The night ended, the show was over and I was relieved. Following my performance, I received quite a bit of praise from my peers and teachers alike. I was successful in my performance, and realized that singing is something I should keep in my mind. Senior showcase was more than just a farewell to high school for me; it was an introduction to a new me.


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