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Cover for "The Wednesday Group" by Sylvia True

Cover for “The Wednesday Group” by Sylvia True

Besides the fact that she is one of the two AP Chemistry teachers and the Science Department leader, Ms. Sylvia Bodmer has a recent, lesser-known accomplishment. She wrote a novel that hit the shelves on March 24th.

The Wednesday Group was published by St. Martin press, a part of  Macmillan, a larger publishing group. Ms. Bodmer’s book — the first to be published — has been labeled as women’s fiction, a genre commonly published by St. Martin. She has written two other books that have not been published.

Ms. Bodmer, wearing her bright, colorful clothing and blond hair in a messy bun, explained that the novel took a total of two years to write. It started as a murder mystery on a cruise ship, but over time, began to focus on one particular character: a psychologist who begins to run a support group for women who struggle with similar issues. Each must face their husbands’ sexual addictions and deviances, leaning on each other for support as their lives slowly become more interconnected.

When asked the book’s target audience, Ms. Bodmer said, “It’s really a book about women; it will interest women and I doubt many men.”

Ms. Bodmer’s sister is a psychiatrist, and helped inspire her to write the book. The first draft centered around this psychologist and her struggles in running a successful group, but Ms. Bodmer soon found that the group as a whole was more interested. The more she wrote about each character, the more life was brought to them. This ultimately created the backbone of the book.

One of Ms. Bodmer’s close friends, Mrs. Amanda Rivera, has been beside Ms. Bodmer since the books’ final stages and the beginning of the publishing process. Mrs. Rivera has had the opportunity to observe Ms.Bodmer throughout the whole process.

“Sylvia is amazing at handling stress,” said Mrs. Rivera.  “Frankly, I don’t know how she does it.  She manages to have a full time job, be a wonderful grandmother, and manage the stress of publishing her first book.”

Ms. Bodmer and students at the release of "The Wednesday Group".

Ms. Bodmer and students at the release of “The Wednesday Group”.

The Wednesday Group was started in 2011, and worked on on-and off until it was finished in 2013. Summers in particular were used to write the book, while the rest of the year was used to revise what was written. The stressful process of publishing and promoting the book followed, but all the work has payed off, given the book’s success.

Even though Ms. Bodmer has accomplished the amazing feat of publishing a novel, she is not going to stop there. She has another book idea, which is already under works.  This next book is also about a group of women, who start a grassroots charity to fill a gap in their lives. The book is only a few months old,  but Ms. Bodmer has already worked out hundreds of pages of the first draft.

The book release for The Wednesday Group took place March 24th at the Barnes and Nobles in Framingham. The were speeches by a student, Nick Athy, and Ms. Bodmer’s eldest daughter, along with a reading of the book. This was then followed by a book signing, where the book was sold out.

The Wednesday Group is published under pen-name Sylvia True. Pick up a copy or buy it off Amazon, the book is also available to listen to on Audible.com.


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