Chad Cordani

Special Correspondent

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Every Friday at Holliston High School during the Advisory period, teacher, Ms. Sylvia Bodmer, would let her students sell donuts for one dollar each to raise money for the senior citizen dance, until recently when the practice was banned by administration.

“In addition to the fact that we cannot compete with Food Services and we must follow state guidelines, selling donuts during advisory is very disruptive and takes away from the important learning and bonding activities happening during both DSB and advisory,” said Principal Ms. Nicole Bottomley.

Massachusetts nutrition laws indicate that no competitive foods exceeding more than 200 calories per serving may be sold during the school day according to the Revised Guidance for Implementing the Massachusetts School Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages.

The doughnuts sold by the Advisory were from Dunkin’ Donuts and the least caloric doughnut on the menu being the French Cruller, containing 220 calories, still exceeded the 200 calorie limit.

“Donuts were never actually allowed to be sold during advisory and when the administrators were made aware of the sales, they had to remind faculty,” said Ms. Bottomley. Until the nutrition laws change the students of Holliston High School will remain donut-less in school.

Ms. Bodmer’s advisory did not give up on raising money during the block, however, and chose to sell “healthy alternatives,” said Senior Justin Powell, member of the advisory group, although these were not met with as much success, and the students did not seem to like them.

“There is a long list of snacks allowed. I actually purchased a lot of them, but everyone thought they were pretty horrible,” said Ms. Bodmer when asked about the matter.

As for the senior citizen dance, however, Ms. Bodmer said, “Since the woman who ran the senior citizen center retired, we don’t have a good contact, and it seems that the advisories are taking a different path in their community service projects. The selling of doughnuts would not really make or break that dance.”

When told about many students dissatisfaction of the loss of the doughnuts, Ms. Bodmer said, “ Please understand that the administration does not want to be harsh or make life miserable. In fact, quite the opposite.”


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