Robbie Seymour

Special Correspondent

This weekend, the Holliston Robotics Club will compete against various towns and countries to construct the best robot.

The first part of the First Robotics Competition (FRC) will be hosted at Bryant University located in Smithfield, Rhode Island from March 20-22 while the second part of the FRC will be hosted at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts, from March 26-28.

Despite the title,  the First Robotics Competition is not a brand new event. In fact, it has been going on since 2006, founded by Dean Kamen, and has emerged as a worldwide competition.

In terms of what the competition is about, according to junior Yoshi Yamakawa, this three day event follows a particular procedure:

Set Up occurs on the very first day of the event, Pre-Rounds, where teams compete to get the highest score, occurs on the second day, and finally Elimination Round, where teams will become eliminated if their robot does not make the cut, occurs on the third day of the event.

Yamakawa also pointed out that there are several guidelines and rules that the team must follow while constructing their robot.

Although not a strict restriction, the robot has to be a certain size, as it shall be shipped eventually, and there is also a restriction on the robot’s height, weight, and perimeter while not including the battery.

The Robotics team has also begun building their robot,  which is overseen by the: captains senior Jonathan Redus,  senior Benjamin Giacolone, and Yamakawa who are also in charge of the mechanical stuff.

They have a week to two week period prior to building to come up with designs and they are nearly done constructing their robot .

And what will this robot look like when it is almost done? Apparently, it is going to look like a forklift, and pick up totes as well as recycling bins, said Yamakawa.


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