Brendan O’Connell

Special Correspondent

Senior basketball captain Kylie Lorenzen scored her 1,000th career point in a February 3rd game against neighboring rival Ashland, a total that few Holliston players have eclipsed.

“It was nerve-racking but awesome at the same time,” Lorenzen said of the game. “So surreal. It was a whole team thing, which I liked.”

Lorenzen described her emotions following the basket, saying, “It has been a goal for me since middle school, and it was stress-relieving, a weight off my shoulders… I cried like a baby.”

On a baseline drive, Lorenzen put a left-handed layup off the backboard and through the net; a shot which completed Lorenzen’s journey to the impressive landmark of 1,000 points.

“My heart was for sure pounding because she had missed two or three shots that could have been her 1000th, but when she did score, I was relieved and cheering along with all the other fans,” HHS senior Andrea True said, of the moments leading up to the basket.

Fellow senior Michael Galeaz added, “It was great; she got a layup that was pretty open. That was a surprise because she was quadruple-teamed every time she got the ball.”

The impending milestone was no secret.

Everyone in the gym, including the Holliston and Ashland teams, and a home crowd which Lorenzen described as “probably the most fans we’ve ever gotten,” seemed aware of the situation, according to True and Galeaz.

“There was definitely both more student and adult fans present at this game,” True said. “I think the excitement of watching a friend, family member, or just a peer accomplish such an amazing feat really drew people into the game.”

Taken from the HHS Girls Basketball Facebook Page

Taken from the HHS Girls Basketball Facebook Page

HHS Athletic Director Craig Najarian was also present at the game to witness the feat.

“What was impressive was that she kept a team mentality throughout,” said Najarian, speaking about Kylie’s journey to 1,000 points. “One thousand points is a tremendous milestone, but it wasn’t her focus. Her focus was on team basketball and getting wins, and that’s a byproduct of how she works everyday.”

“It’s refreshing to see her humility while she made that accomplishment,” he added. “She deserves all she’s getting, and it’s a proud feeling as an [Athletic Director] to have a ‘leader’ really apply that title.”

Kristen Hedrick, who is in her 13th season as coach of the Holliston Girls’ Basketball program, echoed Najarian’s remarks.

“She has done an amazing job, even with the expectations on her,” said Hedrick, referring to Lorenzen’s own expectations, as well as those of her team and community.

“She has taken the scoring load on her shoulders and taken the team to the next level,” Hedrick added. In the same breath, she said, “[Lorenzen] is so unselfish, doesn’t want the offense run through her. It’s wonderful having that kind of talent on the team, and to have her be so unselfish is wonderful and frustrating at the same time.”

When asked what she is most proud of, in regards to her career, Lorenzen said, “1,000 points is great, but going far in the tournament is most important for me and my team.” This season included Lorenzen’s third trip to the postseason in four years.

As far as keeping track of individual statistics and accomplishments, Lorenzen replied, “I don’t really think about it.”

Taken from the HHS Girls Basketball Facebook Page

Taken from the HHS Girls Basketball Facebook Page

Despite this, her father, Kurt Lorenzen, was able to find some information about Kylie’s career.

[Kylie] Lorenzen, who earned the title of “1,000-point scorer” as of February 3rd, finished her career with over 1,100 points.

“Regarding 1,000 points, [the basketball program] is researching other possible players that have done it for [the purpose of creating] a banner,” Kurt said. “The only one that I have heard is Kara Wolters.  She played for HHS in the early ’90s and went on to play at UConn [and professionally]. She is 6’8″.”

A four-year varsity player, Lorenzen has continued to accomplish her goals throughout her career, as evidenced by her improved numbers from season to season.

For example, Lorenzen’s season averages have climbed from 15 points per game and 11 rebounds per game her sophomore year to 19 PPG and 15 RPG her junior year to 22 PPG, 17 RPG, 5.5 steals per game, and 3.5 assists per game her senior year.

Furthermore, Lorenzen has her name all over newspapers and record books. A basketball, soccer, and track captain, Lorenzen is a three-sport MVP and 1st Team TVL All-Star, and has been nominated as a 2015 McDonald’s All-American and has also previously been selected to the MetroWest Daily News’ Super Teams for both basketball and track. She even holds five HHS track records.

After her decorated high school career comes to a close and she graduates from HHS in June, Lorenzen will attend Southern New Hampshire University in the fall of 2015, where she has also signed to play basketball.

SNHU “had a community, family feel, and I was very comfortable with the coaching staff and the campus,” Lorenzen said of her school decision. “I talked with the coach… and I should be able to have a spot.”

“Kylie has set herself up at a good school with a lot of young players. It’s a good fit, her teammates will be very skilled, and so she will have less pressure on her and can share the scoring load,” Hedrick said of Lorenzen’s future.

“She will become a better player… She hasn’t reached her peak yet.”


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