Paige Bagley

Special Correspondent

The Best Buddies from Holliston will attend the fifth annual state-wide Circus Spectacular Best Buddies Prom, which will take place on Saturday, March 7th from 5:30 to 9:30 PM at Norwell High School.

The whole reason for the Prom is “letting the special needs kids have a wonderful, extravagant evening of fun,”said Ms. Ann Wagstaff who is the club advisor and a special ed teacher at HHS.

There will be 500 people who will be attending overall; 20 people from Holliston, 5  Best Buddies, and 15 associates. The ticket-cost for each person attending is 30 dollars.

The Best Buddy’s Prom consists of a quiet room for buddies that are sensitive to noise. Also, there is a room to take photos so attendees can commemorate that night .

“Usually there is a meal that have been gladly donated to this event,” said Ms. Ann Wagstaff.

Not only that, but there is a long list of donated meals that will be served on the night of the event. As with any prom, there is dancing that will take place for the entirety of the night; currently, the DJ has not yet been identified.

The Best Buddies Club will be taking a bus to the event, shared with the Hopkinton High School’s Best Buddies Club. The cost of the bus will be split with Hopkinton, while Holliston’s portion will be paid with money gained from the club’s coffee fundraiser, which took place in November.

In addition, “it’s just plain fun to get dressed up,” added Ms.Wagstaff.

“I like the fun I have,” said club member Megan Rafferty when asked about her favorite part of the Best Buddy prom.

“My favorite part is hanging with my Buddy,” said Junior Hannah Alexander

“It is important for our special needs kids to experience prom,” said Ms.Wagstaff, “because we cannot exclude our special needs kids from this school.”

The prom represents what Best Buddies is all about — according to Alexander,  “making the special needs kids feel apart of this school like everybody else.”


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