Jacob Peck

Staff Writer

This year, the Students Against Destructive Decisions club have collected approximately 100 pairs of jeans according to SADD advisor Mr. Wechsler. The jean donations are in benefit of the Teens for Jeans program, which gives homeless teens in America donated pairs of jeans.

“In the past two years, our school has collected over 200 pairs of jeans,” said Mr. Wechsler. But “regardless of how many jeans we collect,” he says, “[Teens for Jeans] is a success.” He added that a pair of jeans is the one thing homeless teens feel would make their lives more normal.

When asked about donations, Mr. Wechsler said, “Imagine if even half the students brought in one pair, that would mean about 400-500 pairs of jeans.” While the Teens for Jeans collections are finished at Holliston, you can find out more about the program at https://www.dosomething.org/campaigns/teens-jeans?source=node/1141. SADD brings the program back every year, so another chance to donate can also be expected in the fall.


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