Leo Fahey-Newman

Staff Writer


Good Morning Vietnam is the story of an entertainer Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) sent to Vietnam to work on a radio show and entertain the G.I.s stationed there. While working delivering news there, he soon finds out that the government doesn’t authorize the truth to be told on the radio.

When Cronauer arrives in Vietnam, he begins with manic comedy on radio similar to that of Groucho Marx. His radio show antics, however, begin to upset the radio administrators who look down upon his act and his disregard of rules. Cronauer begins to accept the role as the favorite by the public. He begins to understand the actual war going on and struggles with his superiors and his conscience.

This movie is an extremely good depiction of the Vietnam War from the perspective of someone not fighting but still witnessing the chaos. While this movie is a comedy it gets dark along the way and the excellence of the late Robin Williams really shows his versatility and comedic skill. Good Morning Vietnam shows the censorship of the ‘50s and ‘60s and gives perspective to progress made in censorship and the freedom of speech.


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