Ben St. George

Special Correspondent


Students at Holliston High School (HHS) join swim team with different personal goals, but under the leadership of the senior captains, they have the common objectives of increasing the size of the team and winning this season.

The HHS swim team is the only division one team in Holliston and is a co-ed program. They have teamed up with Medway to be a stronger and larger force when they take to the water. The team is being lead by captains Ryan Lynch and Reilly Conroy for Holliston, while the Medway captains have yet to be decided.

“We’ve gotten a lot more swimmers over the years as compared to the past,” said senior captain Lynch.

“Last year our team accepted swimmers from Medway High School onto the team. We got a lot of great athletes and it has definitely helped the team improve. Last year we only had one diver, so we are really looking for more people to give diving a try,” senior captain Conroy explained.

Before the combining of the two towns, the team had struggled. Even with the combination of the two; finding swimmers, and especially divers is difficult.

“We did win a few out of league meets which is an improvement from the year before, where we lost every single meet. It’s not that our team doesn’t have the athletic ability to win, we just don’t have the numbers and the depth as a team to beat some of the larger teams with a lot of really strong swimmers. This year we are really hoping to recruit enough people and hopefully win some meets within our league,” said Conroy.

“To get more swimmers and become the best team we can be,” is the overarching goal for the season, as shared by Lynch.

“We are always trying to spread the word about the team and trying to get kids to join. We are hoping to recruit some more underclassmen so that in the next few years the sport can grow at our school,” said  Conroy.

“I think sometimes people are nervous to join because they have never been on a swim team before. Every year we get beginners who have never swam competitively and those athletes never have a problem.”

Newcomers join the team with all different experience levels and individual goals based on skill levels.

“A goal would be to get stronger and faster in the water,” said Kevin Montain, a Junior at HHS. It is Montain’s first season on the team and he is convinced the upcoming season will get him in great shape. He has heard about the growing popularity of the sport and the positive benefits to the sport can have, such as increased fitness.

“…if swimming can get me up to the next level in the strength department then I will have to try it,” concluded Montain.

“Definitely join, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and get in shape,” said Lynch when asked if how he felt about students considering joining.

The team will be dependent on Lynch and Conroy to lead this season and hopefully bring them some victories. The team also has many other up and coming athletes who can make a big difference.

One being “Neel Sekar. He’s amazing. He couldn’t be on the team last year but he is returning this year and we are all really excited. He’s just so fast. Elizabeth Hein is also really great. One of our swimmers from Medway, Corinne Carbone who is a junior this year is a really strong swimmer and adds a lot to the team,” shared Conroy.

Swimmers on the team have personal goals as well. Teammates hope to improve in individual events

“My personal goals are to get better at all my strokes, but mostly my fifty free [50 meter freestyle]. Also just become the best swimmer and captain I can be.,” said Lynch.

“I’m coming off of a back injury from last season so my main goal at this point is just to be strong enough to compete. My event is usually the 200 yard or the 500 yard freestyle so another goal would be beating my time in one or both of those events,” said Lynch.

The team has been able to build a base around their captains and hopefully with more underclassmen joining the team the Holliston and Medway swim team will have success this season.


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