Cat Berg

Staff Writer

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The Superbowl: This has always been, and will always be, the objective of the Holliston Panthers.

Of course, every team dreams of getting to the Super Bowl and winning it all; but for the Holliston Panthers, this dream became reality in 2010 and is a possibility this year. They have made it into states this season and will play their first postseason game this Friday night at home against Scituate.

Todd Kiley, the head coach of the Holliston Panthers for the past 10 years, has been preparing his team through the season to be ready for any team that they face in the playoffs, whether that be the last seed or first seed of the division.

“I see every year as a winning year. If my players work hard enough and they believe they can be successful, good things will happen,” said Kiley in an email interview.

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This season, the Holliston Panthers claimed the title of TVL Champions. The team claimed this title twice in the past six years and for this year, they have worked throughout preseason and season to become the undefeated champions in the Tri-Valley with a record of 7-0.

Some of the team standouts include quarterback Nick Athy, running back Zach Elkinson, and Joe Bellomo a defensive and offensive player. These three senior captains have made several great accomplishments throughout the season. Athy’s season so far has helped the team to win by passing an average of  167.7 yards per game, for a career total of 1,174 yards. While Elkinson has run an average of 82.3 yards per game, for a career total of 576 yards. Bellomo has an average of 28.6 running yards a game, for a career total of 300 as noted on high school sports page MaxPrep.

Each player put in a lot of hard work during “…this off-season as well as effort and commitment [at] every practice and game in-season,” said Kiley.

When he talked about this season’s success defensive linebacker, junior, Zack Stering, said “[the season is] going very well. We’re all on the same page, we all know where everyone else stands and we all work together.”

The first game of the postseason is against the Scituate Sailors, coached by Herb Devine, a team who has fought hard through its season, coming into the postseason with a 4-4 record as noted in MaxPrep.

Christian Brady, a senior captain and quarterback for the team, is one of the Scituate’s best assets. Multiple colleges are scouting him and has an average of throwing 136 yards per game, as noted in Maxprep.

But, Holliston High school is prepared for this game. “Our philosophy has always been that it doesn’t matter who we are playing, it is about us and what we do. The rest will take care of itself,” said Kiley.

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