Elizabeth Themeli

Special Correspondent


Varsity Soccer Captain Karl Cousseillant is out for the season due to recent hip surgery performed on a Labrum Tear in his left hip early this September.

Cousseillants’ naturally misshappen hips, cut into his cartilage and tore it causing a Labrum Tear. Because of his constant practice on the soccer field, the wound and pain grew deep and surgery was necessary.

“It went perfectly, and I’m healing the way I should be,” said Cousseillant when asked about the surgery.

Within 4-5 months, Cousseillant will be back on the field on his club team, and ready for his senior year with his Holliston team next fall.

For now, his teammates miss their captain but are working through his absence.

“The team is incomplete without Karl, and would be much better as a whole if he was there,” said  junior Jack O’Neill, a fellow teammate of his. According to O’Neill, Cousseillant is skilled player who got the ball in the net.

Cousseillant misses his team as well, he admits he’s sad and feels uninvolved.

Though O’Neill’s captain being out for the season is a negative, he has learned to take responsibility along with the rest of the team.

When talking to Holliston High’s Trainer Nicole Siglas, it is predicted that Cousseillant will be fine because of his age, but rehab is a definite. This includes physical therapy and check ups with his doctor every four weeks.

Cousseillant’s injury may have taken away his opportunity to score as a junior, but not as a senior. As of next year, he will be on the field.

“I can’t wait to be healed and doing what I love,” said Cousseillant.


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